3T Releases ErgoTerra Team Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Handlebars

2012 3T Ergoterra team carbon fiber cyclocross handlebars with flared drops

Just in time to match up to their new Luteus disc brake cyclocross fork, 3T has a new, ‘cross-specific handlebar.

The ErgoTerra Team drop bars are gloss black with red details to match the Luteus fork, helping tie the front end of your bike together, but their benefits go far beyond cosmetics. The drops are angled out 6º, adding 1.5cm to each side. The drops flare out to provide better wrist clearance over the rough sections, putting the 45cm bar at just 42cm at the hoods. The 47cm bar comes in to 44cm at the hoods.

It has the same compact reach and drop as their ErgoSum road handlebar, and compound curves keep the brake lever mounts aligned with the top of the bar for a nice flat hand perch on the hoods.

2012 3T Ergoterra team carbon fiber cyclocross handlebars with flared drops

The ErgoTerra’s oversized 31.8 clamp area is extended and reinforced to support secondary, inline brake levers. Weight is claimed at just 198g for the smaller width. Pricing coming soon.

At that weight, we’re thinking the design would be great for rando and touring bikes, too, or even just our regular road bike.

UPDATE: U.S. pricing is $325.


MGreen - 10/14/11 - 12:29pm

I’ll be interested when its a 46 cross specific rotundo. My favorite bars, hands down!

CXMaster - 10/16/11 - 5:45am

The word on the street is , that these have already ‘dropped’ as to speak at the UK Distributor’s (i-ride) and are available for dealers to order NOW!

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