Moots Building Limited Run of FrosTi the Snow Bike

2012 Moots FrosTi titanium snow bike limited edition

Moots is building a limited number of their FrosTi Snow Bike this fall. As in 20 or fewer frames, ready for delivery by December 15.

The frame is full titanium and will go for $3,975. It’s laid out with 44mm headtube (inside diameter, works with virtually any type steerer tube), 100mm bottom bracket and 170mm rear hub spacing…all fairly standard for fat bikes. It gets the new curved downtube like most of their 2012 mountain bikes and a curved top tube on the three smallest sizes, standard rear dropouts with a replaceable derailleur hanger and 160 brake rotor mounts.

The geometry is based around Salsa’s Enabler rigid fork, but it’ll also work with an 80mm travel 29er suspension fork if you want to throw some regular tires on it for summer use. Pics and additional info after the break…

2012 Moots FrosTi titanium snow bike limited edition

The frame has cable eyelets throughout rather than standard stops, so you’ll run full length housing to keep snow and crud out.

2012 Moots FrosTi titanium snow bike limited edition

The frame requires a direct mount front derailleur with adapter from Salsa, Problem Solvers, etc. It’ll also require a 100mm BB compatible crankset (longer spindle), necessary to clear the tire’s girth and maintain a proper chain line.

2012 Moots FrosTi titanium snow bike limited edition

2012 Moots FrosTi titanium snow bike limited edition

Max tire size is 3.7″. Frame sizes are 16″ (22″ ETT), 18″ (23.5″ ETT), 20″ (24.5″ ETT) and 22″ (25.5″ ETT). If you want one, they’ll need a $1,000 non-refundable deposit by November 1. Contact Moots here if you want one.


uglyyeti - 10/13/11 - 10:57am

Moots continues to find new ways of making me explore the differences between “want” and “need”.

LP - 10/13/11 - 11:28am

4000$……that’s probably why it’s soooooo limited.

Steve M - 10/13/11 - 12:13pm

I sure like looking at it. The dropper seatpost implies that you have to climb up something to use the post. Dragging those wheels up a hill looks a bit challenging. Gorgeous welding though.

FrozenDude - 10/13/11 - 4:27pm

$4k for frame with no fork? Really?
Also 3.7″ max tire = big fail

Robin - 10/13/11 - 5:38pm

The price is pretty much in line–or close to it–with the prices of other Moots frames. Given that Moots has been manufacturing at capacity or near it for a long time, their pricing structure seems to be working. Titanium prices certainly haven’t gone down.

AlexK. - 10/14/11 - 12:48pm

Thank god they went with a 44mm headtube. You need to have a super stiff frame to get the maximum performance out of your snow bike….. 1 1/8 snow bike frames feel like noodles compared to this one….

Rob - 10/16/11 - 12:21pm

As a serious snow biker I applaud Moots for doing this. Titanium should really smooth out the ride and imbue that all-day performance that I’ve been craving. Now if Shimano would just get around to making some SPD-compatible snow boots we’d be in great shape.

phlat albert - 10/20/11 - 3:51pm

diggin the phlat pedals

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