Iiinteresting… Timbuk2 seeking designer with footwear experience?

Timbuk2 have made industrial design website Core77’s Job of the Day today with a post that includes a mention of desired footwear design experience:

Timbuk2 is seeking a Principle Product Designer who can leverage his or her experience designing brand name bags, shoes, accessories, or fashion to create innovative, eco-friendly, tough-as-hell messenger bags, backpack and consumer electronics accessories for a brand that he or she truly loves. The ideal candidate has a passion for everything from blending function and style to ballistic nylon and specialty cottons to designing independently and working as a team and being part of a San Francisco manufacturing tradition. Timbuk2 bags outlast jobs, relationships and sadly, even some pets. This is an opportunity to not design a fad or a trend, but a lasting, indestructible product that they are proud to call Timbuk2!

A sign of things to come?  Or are Timbuk2 just looking for a well-rounded designer?  Either way, if you’ve got what it takes, you might want to get on it…

from Core77


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