Interbike Want: Topeak Shock and Roll pump

Like most of the people I ride with, both my large and small mountain bike bags are permanently packed with both tire and shock pumps.  Sure, it’s easy to set and forget air shocks, but bringing a shock pump along makes it much easier to find ideal suspension pressures or adjust for conditions and pack loads- and every shock will leak down over time.  For us, Topeak have made the Shock N Roll pump.  Other brands’ dual-mode pumps haven’t necessarily been successful, but the fact that I”m still carrying the same Topeak pump that saw me through a 2000 Great Divide ride gives me hope that this one might do the trick.  The $85 price is dear, but if that’s what it takes to replace 2 $40 pumps and save some pack space, so be it!


LG - 09/28/11 - 2:25pm

When will Topeak change their name to Lezyne?

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