Interbike 2011: Dirty Italian Carbon from Fulcrum

Both eye-wateringly lovely and eye-wateringly expensive, Fulcrum was proudly displaying this Red Carbon XRP wheelset at Interbike a couple of weeks back.  The high-flange straight-pull hubs are a departure for Campagnolo’s alternative wheel brand.  The claimed 1,347g weight won’t break any records, but a look at the details show that Fulcrum don’t do things by half.  If my own experience with an older Red Metal wheelset is any indication, the Red Carbon XRPs should be some of the longest-spinning wheels anywhere- and they’ll stand up to far more abuse than they should.  Click through for the nicest carbon valve seat I’ve seen, a nice looking front hub- and the bottom line.

it's all about attention to detail...

15mm thru axles are here to stay.

splined nipples are nice- just keep track of the provided spoke wrench

any questions?

All this could be yours for $3,030.99.  Currently in stock in the USA at QBP.



cxracer - 09/27/11 - 10:06am

Are they circus wheels or big boy 29er wheels?

Ethan - 09/27/11 - 1:00pm

So….for 26″ mountain bikes, I assume? Pretty good weight if it’s for a 29er.

Archie - 09/27/11 - 1:06pm

Looks nice, but the price is ridiculously high.
You can get lighter and better wheels for much less.

Gillis - 09/27/11 - 5:00pm

@cxracer: I think you mean “are they 26″ or wagon wheels?” 😉

Steve M - 09/27/11 - 6:20pm

I am a big guy and I can’t overstate how nice Fulcrum wheels are. I use Racing One’s on the road and Red Metal One’s on the dirt. Both are about the nicest cycling products made, bulletproof and quiet. This set is too gimmicky for me, but if you have the dinero then by all means more power to you.

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