Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic

Photo from one of our readers. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in ‘comments’ – the answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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charlie - 09/26/11 - 7:08am

crank puller?

Ben - 09/26/11 - 7:14am

Bontrager single speed freehub body

christopher - 09/26/11 - 7:18am

A single speed cassette body

Tobi - 09/26/11 - 7:23am

Singlespeed freewheel

Nally - 09/26/11 - 7:29am

Bontrager singlespeed freehub body?

Chad - 09/26/11 - 7:43am

It’s a freehub body, looks like an aftermarket single speed version.

capt9er - 09/26/11 - 7:48am

freewheel body for a Shimano FH-MX66 BMX hub?

Sean - 09/26/11 - 8:01am

bmx freehub body

Josh - 09/26/11 - 8:17am

A Bottom Bracket Reamer, English?

Josh - 09/26/11 - 8:19am

…at least it is some type of Reamer.

john - 09/26/11 - 8:29am

Shimano DX freehub body.

jShort - 09/26/11 - 8:31am

looks like a hose adapter for a sump pump.

Tim - 09/26/11 - 8:41am

GT Peace singlespeed freebody

King County - 09/26/11 - 9:25am

Artificial heart valve

tom - 09/26/11 - 10:10am

The spindle section of a pedal?

Ian - 09/26/11 - 10:20am

freecoaster freehub body

Justin - 09/26/11 - 10:21am

A SS freehub body for I don’t know what hub.

MR.G - 09/26/11 - 10:50am

Single Speed Freehub body, I believe its for a Shimano hub.

WannaBeSTi - 09/26/11 - 10:50am

A freehub body to convert a multispeed hub to fixie.

Ben - 09/26/11 - 10:54am

what is…a cassette driver?

collyer - 09/26/11 - 11:31am

Shimano martini stirrer?

mattl - 09/26/11 - 11:40am

Freehub body from a shimano dx bmx hub. Unsealed bearings, black hub shell and came with 3 different cogs

Kyle - 09/26/11 - 12:00pm

Shimano DX Freehub body. Circa late 1990’s?

RACEFACEJAS - 09/26/11 - 12:44pm

Trek’s new prototype nipple clamp

Mike - 09/26/11 - 12:59pm

An old campy bottom bracket cleaner

Dan - 09/26/11 - 1:42pm

Freehub body from a shimano dx bmx hub. Unsealed bearings, black hub shell and came with 3 different cogs

fietsfreak - 09/26/11 - 3:39pm

Shimano BMX freehub body

chris - 09/26/11 - 5:56pm

Formula singlespeed freehub body…

steve - 09/26/11 - 9:40pm

Joytec single speed freehub body (maybe from a cannondale branded hub)

ryan - 09/26/11 - 11:02pm

.50 cal silencer?

JR - 09/27/11 - 7:20am


Kristibee - 09/27/11 - 8:37am

Answer from our friend Karl at RaleighAmerica, who submitted the photo: “This is the freehub body that we use on the Raleigh XXIX singlespeed. It is installed from the Non-Drive-side by an 11mm allen key.”

Gillis - 09/27/11 - 8:24pm

That’s a little foul. A part off some no-name hub from a bike (vs component) company? Raleigh doesn’t even give a spec for the hubset on that bike. I think anyone that said “freehub body” in their answer wins this one.

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