Video: 2012 Salsa Cycles Spearfish, Horsethief 29er Rundown & Weights, Plus Titanium Mukluk Snow Bike

We took a little grief for our coverage of the new Horsethief at Eurobike, so we met up with Tim Krueger, brand manager for Salsa Cycles, at Interbike’s (windy) outdoor demo to get the facts straight. He also showed us the new titanium Mukluk, their new top model for snow bikes.

We weighed a few of the 29ers, too. See ’em on the scale after the break…

2012 Salsa Cycles Spearfish 29er full suspension mountain bike weight 27lbs 2oz

The Spearfish 2 with X9 group and Stan’s NoTubes Arch rims on Formula hubs comes in at 27lbs 2oz (Large).

2012 Salsa Cycles Spearfish 1 29er full suspension mountain bike weight 26lbs 13oz

The top of the line Spearfish 1 comes in at 26lbs 13oz (XL) with an X0/X9 mix, Fox fork and Stan’s NoTubes Arch rims on DT Swiss hubs.

2012 Salsa Cycles horsethief 29er full suspension mountain bike weight 29lbs 14oz

The Horsethief with X9 build, Fox fork and NoTubes Flow wheels comes in at 29lbs 14oz.


neal - 09/23/11 - 10:19am

It’s spelled Mukluk.

Bmark - 09/23/11 - 10:34am

Mukluk, not Mucluc.

Pants and Jacket - 09/23/11 - 10:48am

Who’s the grouch with the beard?

Tyler (Editor) - 09/23/11 - 12:11pm

Thanks, fixed the spelling.

TCOOK - 09/23/11 - 1:28pm

who’s got me lucky charms?

Greg - 09/23/11 - 1:56pm

Salsa really offers a lot of bang for the buck!

Rob - 09/23/11 - 2:39pm

I feel like the prices on these bikes are being kept a secret. I’d love to hear prices on all the Spearfish models.

Tim @ Salsa - 09/23/11 - 5:48pm

Im the grouch with the beard……. Yikes, wasnt aware that I forgot to smile………. Oh, and I am product manager, not brand manager.

MattGVT - 09/24/11 - 8:25am

Must get Horsethief…that looks like a fun bike, and reasonably priced. No need for carbon for me. Is it me or does it look like they leaned the Mukluk’s rotor up against that rock? Ouch. I want a Mukluk too, or and a La Cruz disc too. Damn salsa – great products!

Adam - 09/24/11 - 10:15pm

Why does the Spearfish 1 come with a QR seat collar? Maybe just for the demo, but it has it is the catalog pics as well, and the web site spec says a black Salsa lip lock. Maybe Tim could clarify what the consumer spec will be. (I hope its a red lip lock- the red looks sweet)

wv cycling - 09/28/11 - 11:52am

The crew at WV Cycling are interested in the Spearfish. Gerry Pflug, sponsored rider has told us about the series in a sentence or two, but I’d love to see one in person, and get more info on it.

Mountain Jumper - 10/21/12 - 8:17am

Just bought the 2012 Spearfish 2, it’s my third Salsa purchase this year. The Spearfish comes in handy on those rides my Ti Fargo cant handle. Okay I cant handle without a little squish. Love the bikes and the price of these stellar machines.
Thanks salsa for your attention to us less financially backed riders

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