Cannondale Shows the Scalpel 29er You Really Want

2012 Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate 29er full suspension mountain bike

We got an early look at the 2012 Cannondale Scalpel in its prototype form at Sea Otter, and then we weighed the production carbon models and showed off the specs for those and their alloy underlings.

Now, we’ve got a glimpse of the Scalpel 29r Ultimate. Will it be a production offering? Maybe. Probably not as spec’d here…but it gives you an idea of just how freakin’ BA this thing can get. The matte black frame on ENVE rims and black carbon cockpit are completely stealth and really accentuate the frame’s curves much better than the painted models do.

2012 Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate 29er full suspension mountain bike

2012 Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate 29er full suspension mountain bike

2012 Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate 29er full suspension mountain bike


Tom - 09/23/11 - 12:13pm

150 ex limited production worldwide.

yesplease - 09/23/11 - 12:24pm

No weights? Tyler you are killing us! Probably 19-20 ish?

Tyler (Editor) - 09/23/11 - 12:51pm

I know, I know! They had them bolted down! I weighed a bare frame but can’t find the pics…will update if I find it.

Todd - 09/23/11 - 12:54pm

The stem looks steeper than on my 26inch Scalpel. Is that just the angle of the photo, or is it to compensate for the 29er + travel putting the top of the head tube higher? Either way, I want it!

Solostar - 09/23/11 - 1:30pm

The stem is a new -15 degree to help even out cockpit height on 29’ers…particularly with the increased travel to 100 mm for the big wheel – this helps a lot.

sk1rtsfly - 09/23/11 - 2:34pm


Kovas - 09/23/11 - 2:56pm

They had it bolted down because its so damn light, it floats. I wanna one.

Weights - 09/23/11 - 4:19pm

Info from coverage of Eurobike, where they had a Scapel 29 Carbon 1 (1 level under ultimate 6k euros vs 9k euro for ultimate).

1850g frame

10.7kg complete on demo bike

coop - 09/24/11 - 4:37am

Cdale would be crazy not to do this! With all of the new 29ers coming down the pike from other companies, this hot rod would be a sure winner!

Tom - 09/24/11 - 5:02am

We have one on order for the shop: retail price = 8.999€
Only 150 bikes to be made so get a hurry on!

Dan-BR - 09/26/11 - 4:15pm

Not a scalpel for me, 2 pivots? Call it some other name!!!

Jake - 09/28/11 - 10:23am

I’m sure if I had one I would love it, but I still think that’s the ugliest frame I’ve ever seen.

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