Sweetwings Cranks are back! EEcranks final form revealed

EE Cycleworks Cranks Sweet Parts Sweetwings 1

Craig over at eecycle works was one half of the duo that put out Sweet Parts back in the 90’s.  Their Sweetwings cranksets set a pretty high bar, and from what I have seen thus far, the eecrank will raise that bar even higher.

More images, plus a shot of the eebrake on the other side.

EE Cycleworks Cranks Sweet Parts Sweetwings 3

EE Cycleworks Cranks Sweet Parts Sweetwings 2

There were two sets of the cranks on the show floor. Calfee and Fairwheel were lucky enough to have them mounted up proper.  Both sets were running Praxis Works chainrings.  I was told by both the Calfee rep, as well as the Fairwheel guys that these were the final version.  Lets hope they ship soon.

EE Cycleworks Brakes

While not exactly new, the eebrake is always a pretty thing to look at.  The things are sub 100g per wheel!  This set was hold up on a custom Callfee.  Want a set of your own?  Be willing to part with $589, and that does not include pads.



Jacob - 09/21/11 - 2:03pm

Those cranks look fantastic. I love my EEbrakes

timmbers - 09/21/11 - 4:48pm

those cranks kinda remind me of Carumba cranks…

Bill - 09/21/11 - 5:59pm

With the hollow opening on only one end, won’t they get filled with mud and whatnot, and have no way to push it out, negating the light weight?

Rogue - 09/21/11 - 6:08pm

old school, a carbon version of the old caramba cranks

Robin - 09/21/11 - 7:58pm

Carbon version of Caramba cranks? Well, that’s only the case if you’re blind. First, the EE cranks are not CF. Uhm, they’re aluminum. Second, EE cranks aren’t offset like Caramba cranks. Third the EE cranks have three holes drilled along their length, not the two that the Carambas had. You are right, however, in so far as both cranks spin on an axle supported by two bearings.

Gillis - 09/21/11 - 8:34pm

Way to sound like total jerk Robin.

The construction is basically the same as the Caramba cranks of yesteryear, offset or not. More accurately these are made exactly like the Rotor 3D cranks. Only the Rotors’ are drilled from both ends of the crank.

Robin - 09/22/11 - 1:46am

EE Cranks had working models of the first generation of these cranks before the Rotor 3Ds were released.

Gillis - 09/22/11 - 2:33am

I’m not going to say you’re wrong, but I can’t find any reference older than ’09. The Rotors were in use at the TDF in ’08, which means they were testing prototypes up to a year before.

Robin - 09/22/11 - 6:47am

Via the Internet Wayback Machine, EE Cycle Works have their crank displayed and also have a link just for the crankset at least as far back as Dec. 5, 2008.

Robin - 09/22/11 - 6:49am

Make that as far back as at least Oct 5, 2008.

Avi - 09/22/11 - 8:47am

Well the TDF is before October, so if the 3D crank was in the 08 TDF that puts it before the EE crank. Even more so when you consider how many prototypes they probably went through to get there.

Mark Hershberger - 08/29/14 - 7:56pm

The drilling process appears similar to that of Rotor cranks.

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