Interbike 2011: Pro-level Timbuk2 Especial Tres

For 2012, the folks at Timbuk2 are returning to their courier roots with a line of professional quality “Especial” bags. Pictured here, the Especial Tres is the middle of the three backpacks in the line and for us the highlight. The Backbender padded back panel is designed to provide a good balance between contact and breathability, with a central channel that provides spine in the riding position. Water-resistant construction is augmented by a truly waterproof laptop compartment against the wearer’s back. Read on for more details, a Backbender photo, and pricing…

Access is primarily via a top roll closure, but the main compartment can be accessed from the right side and the smaller pockets are designed to be reached with the bag hanging from one shoulder. The Especial Tres has a number of what look to be well thought-out CompressiOn straps for oversize load portage and a U-lock holster that doubles as a bottle/badge/snack pocket. All black or green/gray for $209.


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