Interbike 2011: Handsome Cycles introduce high-end coaster brake hub

In addition to a number of, erm, handsome frames and complete bikes, Handsome Cycles were proudly showing their new Bogart coaster brake hub at Interbike last week.  Featuring time-tested (and bombproof) KT internals, the Bogart ups the ante with a nicely machined shell and sealed bearings- all designed to do justice for your higher-end townie (or faux fixie).  Click through for more images, pricing, and contact info…

Though it might have been nice to see a more modern splined cog interface, the Bogart uses standard coaster brake cogs that can be found the world over.  The Bogart should be shipping around March and will command $140- not bad at all for a low-production specialty item…


KT - 09/18/11 - 10:53pm

Well in their defense, Shimano Alfine 11 still uses those “coaster brake” cogs

Brett - 09/19/11 - 7:47pm

“Featuring time-tested (and bombproof) KT internals…” KT coaster hubs are unreliable, weak, and noisy. They would have done better to copy a New Departure, or simply done it right like a Perry or Sachs.
And why would a bike with a coaster brake necessarily be a “faux fixie?”

Marc - 09/19/11 - 8:22pm


I can’t personally speak to the relative merits of different coaster brake internals, but as far as faux-fixies go, this would allow riders to keep the clean lines (no brakes, simple chainline) without the challenges of riding fixed…

aigalicious - 09/21/11 - 1:36am

agreed on the KT internals but the problem isn’t the design, its the materials. Sachs introduced the axial clutch type design that is used in this hub about 100 years ago (Sachs Komet) and it’s been solid as a design that whole time. Shimano uses the same basic design currently and actually had KT make their coaster hub for a time. The hub that KT makes currently is dimensionally identical to the Shimano, it just uses crappy materials and grease. Whoever buys the Bogart should do themselves a favor and swap the internals for Shimano. Then it’ll actually be nice.

Soji - 01/05/13 - 1:48pm

Word: Velosteel.

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