2012 Mavic Helmets Weighed, Photo’d, Plus New Winter Shoes & Exalith Comparison

2012 Mavic Plasma SLR Plasma and Syncro road and mountain bike helmets

Mavic’s entry into the helmet arena wasn’t the best kept secret, but Eurobike marked their official coming out party.

Three models will be offered, the Plasma SLR, Plasma and Syncro (L to R). The various technologies they’ve used are heavy on the “Ergo” language, putting a heavy emphasis on fit, comfort and looks (and, obviously, safety). At first glance, they’re quite sharp looking, we’ll see how they differ and what they really weigh right after the break.

They also have some new GoreTex lined winter cycling shoes for both road and mountain, and we’ve got a little closeup comparison between the two Exalith brake surface treatments on their high end road wheels…

2012 Mavic Plasma SLR Plasma and Syncro road and mountain bike helmets

The only differences between the Plasma SLR and Plasma are that the SLR model gets X-Static padding to reduce bacteria and odor and the reinforcements over the EPS foam is carbon rather than their Alutex alloy. The Plasma SLR is shown on the left above, and the Syncro on the right. The Syncro gets neither the X-Static pads nor any external reinforcement other than the co-molded shell they all share.

2012 Mavic Plasma SLR Plasma and Syncro road and mountain bike helmets actual weights

Perhaps because it lacks the reinforcement, it comes in the lightest of the bunch by a few grams. From left to right: Plasma SLR (314g), Plasma (313g) and Syncro (311g). All were the same size. While they didn’t feel heavy, these actual weights were a good bit heavier than the claimed weights of 285g, 290g and 270g respectively. (yes, 25 to 45 grams on your head makes a noticeable difference on long rides) Mavic’s rep at Eurobike said that these were final production models, but per usual, we’ll reweigh them when we actually get some in to test.

2012 Mavic Plasma SLR Plasma and Syncro road and mountain bike helmets colors

Ventilation looks to be more than adequate with some channelling at the back to move the air through the rear vents. The Plasma models have larger vent holes thanks to the external carbon or alloy structural reinforcements.Colors are pretty limited, but the bright yellow on the SLR should catch eyeballs.

The retention mech at the rear has a rubberized, oversized knob. The padding is supposedly dual density that, along with the “cranial mapping” done during development, should eliminate any pressure points and discomfort, according to Mavic. The Plasma and Syncro models have removable visors included, the SLR doesn’t. All three have reflective details throughout.

2012 Mavic winter road and mountain bike shoes

The Frost (road) and Drift (mtn) winter shoes use a full GoreTex liner to block wind and water. They’re the same shoe other than the tread on the Drift and use a simply three strap Velcro closure.

2012 Mavic winter road and mountain bike shoes with Goretex lining for windproof and waterproof

The GoreTex lining continues through the raised ankle gaiter and completely covers the top of the foot with no break in the tongue. Mavic’s media guy Zack Vestal says they should be good down to about 20º F.

2012 Mavic winter road and mountain bike shoes with Goretex windproof and waterproof lining

Both use their Ergo Comfort 2D insole. Outsoles are a glass fiber composite. Available now…and from what we’ve seen, winter shoes of all brands tend to sell out well in advance unless your local dealer stocks a lot. If you have an overly common or completely uncommon size, order sooner rather than later.

2012 Mavic Exalith rim treatment comparison on R-Sys SLR and Ksyrium SLR wheels

Just for fun, here’s a quick comparison between the braking surface on the R-Sys SLR (left) and Ksyrium SLR. Both get their Exalith treatment to harden the alloy, but the R-Sys gets a grooved finish that adds a little friction between the rim and brake pad.


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