Interbike 2011: Fondriest SF1 inox (stainless) frameset

It’s another fragrant morning here in Las Vegas as the Bikerumor crew pore through the images from the first day of 2011’s Interbike Expo.  From day 1, the one object that drew me in from the aisles more strongly than anything else had to have been Fondriest’s SF1 stainless steel frame, distributed in the US by Albabici. Hit the jump for more photos and the weight & cost bottom lines…

Despite what seemed like impossibly thin-walled tubes, sand blasted logos, and joints that look to have been applied by a syringe, the SF1 could have be described as understated- save for the polished stainless steel finish.  The seat clamp area comes together very nicely, as seen in the photos.

At 980g for the frame, this Fondriest shows that steel can hang with more modern materials, and the addition of a 375g carbon fiber fork, Ritchey Classic seatpost and headset up the balance of this $4,900 package.  Can I justify it?  No.  Would I have come home with it if my budget allowed?  Yes.



Steve M - 09/15/11 - 10:40am

Very pretty.

Jason - 09/15/11 - 10:49am

+1 for Fondriest. who would’ve thought

Nick - 09/15/11 - 11:36am

+1 for Fondriest on the frame, -1 for the Celeste saddle. Match your greens for a show bike, folks.

mike - 09/15/11 - 12:43pm

needs a polished SS fork obviously

professor - 09/15/11 - 4:20pm

It is nice to see a frame with soul. Unlike all the carbon frames these days.

Robin - 09/15/11 - 6:43pm

Beautiful bike. It’s too bad it doesn’t actually have a soul and is made with the same attention to detail, creativity, and workmanship with which a lot of CF frames are made. Like people, beauty and soul come in many different forms.

Mcr - 09/16/11 - 7:06am

I give them a +10… very good craftsmanship… Those brazes are damn thin… Are they brazes?

Jim - 09/16/11 - 8:46am


stewutah - 12/04/11 - 10:59pm

If you’ve never ridden a Fondriest, you wouldn’t understand. I’d buy one, if the funds were there. CF just doesn’t have the soul, at least all the ones I’ve ridden…..

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