Blue Light Special: Camelbak’s New UV Water Purifier Bottle


If your adventures take you to remote places or crappy hotels, Camelbak’s new All Clear UV water purifier is for you.

The unit uses a UV light coupled with a prefilter to remove any physical sediment or debris. The prefilter removes anything large enough to block the light, then the UV cap throws a 60 second blast of light to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, cysts, viruses and other things that can send you to the loo for reasons it was not intended.

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The All Clear system fits on their Better Bottle and new Eddy Bottle, so it can be used on more than one bottle if you have a collection. Just pour the water in through the filter, remove it and attach the UV lid. Hold the button to turn it on and swirl or flip the bottle every few seconds as the timer counts down. Voila – safe water.


It’s rechargeable via USB, and will do about 80 purifications per charge. Retail is $99 and it’ll be available in March.


Paul Rivers - 09/16/11 - 1:56pm

That’s interesting…my problem with using the pens with Nalgene bottles has always been that you dip the bottle in the lake, then you have lakewater on the threads of the bottle that don’t get hit by the UV light. Since when you drink out of the bottle you put your lips right on the threads – well it’s an issue.

It says it uses a prefilter, but I don’t see anything like that pictured – do you have to pump the water into the bottle? And if you do…wonder if it’s worth it over using a filter… (I hope it is, just thinking out loud here).

Bikerumor - 09/17/11 - 1:52pm

The prefilter is simply a fine mesh screen to remove dirt sized particles and larger that could flaky inthe water and block the light.

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