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Photo from the collection of Rustybicycle. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in ‘comments’ – the answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Ben - 09/12/11 - 7:47am

I’m gonna say…woodruff keys

J Stevens - 09/12/11 - 7:47am

Woodruff Key

Brian - 09/12/11 - 7:49am

They look like the shims that went with a front post mount derailleur.

Corey - 09/12/11 - 8:06am

Looks like the shims that went inside cable-actuated brake levers to increase/decrease modulation.

LP - 09/12/11 - 8:17am

Part of a shifter or brake lever for progressive cable pulling……..Hahaha!

I have no idea!

Liran Bachar - 09/12/11 - 8:19am

Looks like freehub pawls

murpes - 09/12/11 - 9:39am

Cylon eyebrows.

mgindle - 09/12/11 - 10:06am

shims to space an axle in horizontal drops

tom - 09/12/11 - 10:14am

look like spoke magnets to me

Sylvain - 09/12/11 - 10:20am

They’re called HappyCyclist. Put these in your mouth, one per side and voilà, another HappyCyclist.

gringo - 09/12/11 - 10:30am

Roller brake shims / wedges.

geoff - 09/12/11 - 10:56am

The inserts in the Canyon fork for their aero model to adjust wheelbase

Kovas - 09/12/11 - 11:00am

Lucky Charms’ moons… in titanium.

DAL - 09/12/11 - 12:29pm

Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub pawls

Joey Mullan - 09/12/11 - 12:31pm

These are spacers for horizontal dropouts. They have threaded holes in them too for slight chain adjustments via a bolt.

David - 09/12/11 - 12:35pm

internal coaster brake “pads”

oilcanracer - 09/12/11 - 12:35pm

those are the tinmans eyebrows and he wants them back. he might even be mad, but i can’t tell…..

Regan - 09/12/11 - 3:03pm

Its cross cable ancors for cross brakes

Daniel - 09/12/11 - 8:09pm

Freewheel ratchet pawls. The little hole on the flat side is for the spring

TK - 09/12/11 - 8:15pm

XT V brake lever spacers

Travis - 09/12/11 - 9:05pm

Internal coaster brake pads, free wheel pawls, or horizantal dropout spacers.

Kristibee - 09/13/11 - 8:16am

Answer: Sturmey Archer springless pawls – SW hub circa 1950’s

JDSM - 09/14/11 - 3:12am

Sturmey-Archer Bicycle Hubs pawls

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