Woodman Intros Superlight Budget Seatpost, Plus BB30 Adapter, Riser Bars & More

Woodman GT2 lightweight budget alloy seatpost

Woodman has always offered some impressively lightweight products, but the new GT2 seatpost (foreground) offers a seriously light post for pennies. They also have some new headsets, a BB30 to 24mm crank spindle adapter and a few other goodies.

Tipping the scales at less than 170g, the GT2 post will retail for just $50 to $70. It was tested with a 120kg (265lb) rider, so most of us should be fine with it. The difference between it and their top of the line GT is less external machining and it doesn’t get the Ti bolts of the ridiculously light carbon fiber posts shown in the background.

Woodman GT2 lightweight budget alloy seatpost

Woodman Wide-n-Wilde alloy riser bar thats lightweight and very wide

New wider DH/Freeride bars are made of “motorcycle bar” 2014 alloy and are 790mm wide with 45mm rise. Claimed weight is 352g.

Woodman BB30-to-24mm bottom bracket crankarm spindle adapter and lightweight QR wheel skewers

If you’re buying a new frame but keeping your current standard group, they offer a BB30 to 24mm axle adapter. Ceramic bearings are available as an option. The skewers are revised and super light…if you’re still using skewers.

Not shown, they also have new headsets to accommodate all the standards. Woodman products are sold through BTI in the U.S.


alloycowboy - 09/11/11 - 7:00pm

The Woodman seat posts aren’t exactly an orginal design. Also this design likes to “creak” a lot so hopefully Woodmans provides a set of ear plugs with every seat post sold.

Steve M - 09/12/11 - 10:42am

Was there a fly casting exhibit next door?

jonw9 - 09/19/11 - 1:22pm

My extremely light carbon post from Woodman would always get lighter by slipping of the clamp and the ejection of the saddle onto the trail…

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