SRAM 10-Speed Twist Shifters Spied! Gripshift is Back!

SRAM XX twist shifters spied for XX 10-speed mountain bike drivetrains on Jaroslav Kulhavy's world cup winning bike

We thought we’d never see the day. SRAM has (un)officially brought back the twist shifters, and man, they couldn’t have picked a better platform to do it on.

Jaroslav Kulhavy’s World Cup winning Specialized Epic 29er was not only the first full suspension 29er to win a WC XC race, it brings back GripShift in a big way. Details are scant -nonexistent, really- but the pictures say enough. Click on through for a few more shots…

SRAM XX twist shifters spied for XX 10-speed gripshift mountain bike drivetrains on Jaroslav Kulhavy's world cup winning bike

SRAM has invited us over to France for a little point-to-point riding in October with the teaser that we’ll be riding something totally new. Guesses are, this is at least part of it. The pics are a bit too small to see if anything else is new, but, you know, XX has been unchanged since its launch…

SRAM XX twist shifters spied for XX 10-speed mountain bike drivetrains on Jaroslav Kulhavy's world cup winning bike

Weight weenies have been spotted using these third party twisters, and we’ve got a set of them in on testing, but it looks like you’ll soon be able to get the real deal.

Photos are from SRAM MTB’s facebook page.


Turbo - 09/09/11 - 3:02pm

The Revenge of GripShit!

rob - 09/09/11 - 3:46pm

awesome. i thought i was the last person running twisties. it’s tough to beat their ability to dump gears quickly when you hit a wall.

Sevo - 09/09/11 - 8:29pm

I had a talk with Stan Day about a year ago at a non-bike related deal where he spoke about how Grip Shift was born. I mentioned afterwards how it was interesting the icon was left out, to which he replied “keep your eyes peeled…we know”. Cool to see it come back to life.

Russ - 09/09/11 - 8:34pm

awesome that its back! finally can upgrade from 9spd…

Devo - 09/09/11 - 10:56pm

perfect! just in time for me to change from 9sp twisties.

jeff - 09/10/11 - 9:21am

what is Christian Bale doing with the bike?

Rod - 09/10/11 - 11:41am

HA! I’m so glad I didn’t go out and buy a boat load of 9spd Grip Shifters! This is good news.

dave - 09/10/11 - 12:41pm

Seriously BikeRumor? That was over a week ago. I noticed the gripshift as soon as I saw the race pics. Apparently everyone but you did too – Way to go BikeRumor, you are surely on the leading edge of bicycle innovation. What’s the hot next thing, carbon fiber frames?

Craig - 09/10/11 - 9:18pm

Hey Dave, please don’t write about how cool you are and how you are superior to someone else because you noticed. No need. Simply high-five yourself and go drink one of your wine coolers.

Hoodlum-Z - 09/11/11 - 7:14pm

Well said, Craig. I haven’t the time of day for the sarcastic ones either. BikeRumor is a great website for cyclists. So what if a story is a few days old? If you read different newspapers you see the same thing with them. They all can’t be first with every story!

jwest - 09/12/11 - 4:05pm

Yo Dave, if BikeRumor sucks so bad, why are you reading it?

Try a positive approach to life when you feel there are deficiencies, such as starting your own blog for things seen before anyone else.

scotty - 09/13/11 - 12:31pm

I am still running 9sp until they release a 10sp gripshift.

Singletrackroadie - 09/14/11 - 9:53am

Very very happy….was just waiting for it before I can go ten speed.

Randy Victory - 10/08/11 - 10:26pm

Cool! I can stick with SRAM now. I like Shimano’s Rapidfire-style trigger shifting more than SRAM’s, but I wasn’t keen on switching over to Shimano. Now I can stick with my fave and finally go 10-speed!! Woo-hoo!

Lefty - 01/05/12 - 10:23am

To SRAM please make the 10 speed shifter as I only have one arm and this is the only way that I can shift through the gears

O'Neill Ryan - 01/07/12 - 10:17am

When are they coming out!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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