New Deda Elementi Components – Stealth Bomber Aerobars, Alloy 35 Handlebars, MTB & More

2012 Deda Elementi Bandito triathlon aerobars

Deda Elementi’s new Bandito triathlon aerobars were hands down the sharpest looking aero piece at Eurobike.

They’re a stealth bomber ready for your tri bike, complete with air vents and all. Weight and price is 540g and €600. Deda says the vents save weight and let the air flow through rather than being forced around a relatively blunt object (ie: front of a stem). Lots more to see right after the break…

Deda Elementi 35mm alloy handlebar

Remember the over-oversized 35mm handlebars they introduced last year? Now there’s an alloy version. On the right, you can see the tube shape difference between the two – carbon is at top, alloy at bottom. There’s also a new seatpost to work with the MonoLink saddles.

The Zero1 and RS01 handlebar and seatpost now come in red.

For triathletes, the new CarboBlast shorty aero extensions are compact and light (left photo). On the right, the two new bars are on the top: The Dabar bullhorns and Kronos 2 complete aero handlebar with extensions.

Deda elementi mountain bike handlebars

For mountain bikers, there’s a new white version of their standard low-rise bar and two new wider bars.

The street bars aren’t new, but worth looking at. The silver quill stem is quite sharp in person.

Their bar tape is available in every color of the rainbow. And then some.


yesplease - 09/07/11 - 2:39pm

Tyler, does the banditio aero bar have any type of forearm padding? Or is it as seen?

Tyler (Editor) - 09/07/11 - 3:23pm

YP, they didn’t mention it and I didn’t see any mounts for elbow rests, maybe there are just pads that stick to the massive fuselage?

Robin - 09/07/11 - 5:08pm

Another site stated that the arm rests were the “fuselage”.

Mick - 09/07/11 - 5:43pm

The Bandito look sexy…It will be interesting to give it the wet, slippery forearm test… but I suspect with the lack of any pads either for comfort or position, these bars will end up more style than substance…Hopefully these will be floating around at Interbike…

Adam - 09/08/11 - 12:35am

Uh oh, Star Trek will be wanting their Klingon battle cruiser design back.

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