Video: Sweet Remote Control Airplane POV

From BasqueMTB: Alistair Roberts was visiting the Basque Country with his FPV plane, an Easystar which he has funded and built as part of his final year project at school. An amazing feat. He flies it with video goggles linked to a GoPro camera on the plane which is servo driven to mimic his head movements. You can read the full story here and you can see more of Alistair’s videos on his Vimeo channel (see credits).


Kees - 09/06/11 - 1:07pm

This is really cool. You could follow races and much more with this.
Great job!! And good luck in the future.

MTBer - 09/07/11 - 1:45pm

Awesome. Pair that with a R/C helicopter and you can speed-match riders and get hover/lift shots.

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