TRP Parabox Coming in White, Colors

TRP’s Parabox mechanical-to-hydraulic converter is (likely) to be coming in white and other colors. They said they can customize it to match frames, something likely to only really be offered to OEM customers in quantity, but could result in basics like red.

They make some other cool stuff I hadn’t seen before too…

Turn signal brake lights. How cool you think these are is entirely up to you, but the brake lights is actually practical in certain areas or just a really good way to freak out a paceline.

Brake lights come on just NY squeezing the lever. Turn signals are manually operated.

Dual brakes operated from a single lever, good for hand cycles and other three wheeled bikes. They also have a lock switch on the lever blade that makes them act like a parking brake.


Chuck - 09/02/11 - 9:11pm

Dual Brakes! How long till we see a new 150mm front DH hub with dual brakes?

Tyler (Editor) - 09/03/11 - 7:28am

Chuck, not long. I have pictures…you’ll just have to stay tuned, lots of other (more useful) stuff from Eurobike to post first. Oh, and they had carbon fiber rotors. Seriously.

KGr - 09/03/11 - 9:32pm

Any release date for the Parabox in the US? They’ve been saying July but they still don’t seem to be in circulation yet.

Durrin - 09/05/11 - 5:21am

I second KGrs comment!

I’d love to buy these, but haven’t found an actual release date, let alone someone selling them.

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