Niner Quietly Introduces Seatposts, RDO Carbon Fork with 15mm Maxle Lite

2012 Niner Bikes RDO carbon alloy flex seatpost

Tucked away in plain view, Niner had their booth bikes spec’d with all new carbon and alloy seatposts.

To be available in three options -Good, Better and Best- the best is the RDO flex post designed to give a little, making it particularly good for hardtails. Shown in the middle (above), it’s a full UD carbon post with a layup made to bend slightly backward similar to Cannondale’s SAVE posts, but it’ll be available in all three main diameters. Niner says tester riders claim it has a considerable amount of give.

The other carbon one has an alloy mount bonded to the UD carbon tube, and the “good” one is all alloy. They’ll also be available in all three diameters, and all three use the same clamp piece to hold the seat rail.

Detail pics and the new fork behind the break…

2012 Niner Bikes RDO carbon alloy flex seatpost

The RDO model will actually get these graphics in four colors: black, kermit, tang and tamale. Like the new Jet 9 RDO, the moniker identifies it as their “Race Day Optimized” top of the line offering. While they weren’t getting specific, it’s clear they’ll be doing more with that on the bikes over time.

2012 Niner Bikes RDO carbon alloy flex seatpost

Pricing and availability aren’t set in stone, but it shouldn’t be too long.

2012 Niner Bikes RDO carbon fiber rigid mountain bike fork with 15mm Maxle Lite thru axle

The RDO fork gets a 15mm thru axle but is otherwise the same as their original carbon rigid fork.

2012 Niner Bikes RDO carbon fiber rigid mountain bike fork with 15mm Maxle Lite thru axle

It’ll ship with the Maxle Lite, available end of September-ish. Price is TBD but will be a bit more than the regular because of the additional molding required and the included thru axle.


James - 09/01/11 - 5:06am


The carbon post looks like a Syntace P6. Syntace also have a P6 flex model……interesting. Different clamp plates though.

Love the Maxle Lite fork!

Andrea - 09/01/11 - 5:57am

I’m going to need one of each. KTHX!

Jeff - 09/01/11 - 12:15pm

would be nice if one of the posts had some setback for us taller/longer-legged folks.

Jake - 09/01/11 - 10:55pm

They should make a steel fork with the thru-axle for those non-carbon-trusting types…

b*tcH - 09/02/11 - 12:43am

I need one! And i am waiting for the new Air 9! a match made in heaven!

es8engn - 09/02/11 - 9:52am

RoDeO… ?

Travis - 09/03/11 - 12:02pm

I hope this for comes in a non tapered version the pic just shows tapered.

Collinc - 09/04/11 - 12:31am

Travis, with the EMD and AIR 9 going to tapered headtubes, I would really be surprised to see the 15mm in a non-tapered tube.

Travis - 09/06/11 - 5:04pm

Collinc, now I am all sad face :(

GIROLAMO PALMITESSA - 11/03/11 - 6:13am

salve mi servirebbe un regg. tipo rdo ud carbon 31,6×40 con sritta rossa prezzo tempo di consegna grazie

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