Exclusive Sneak Peak: 2012 Cyclepassion To Be Debuted At Eurobike

It’s that time of year, the 2012 Cyclepassion calendar is about to be unveiled at Eurobike. Whether you love it, or hate it, the 2012 edition features even more beautifully shot photographs of the top women of the sport. New to the calendar this year, is the option to view the calendar one of two ways: either the full color traditional Cyclepassion photo, or a black and white action photo of each lady tearing it up on the bike.

The Cyclepassion Calendar is a large 16×27″ format, which will retail for $50 and be available in the US this year through Fair Wheel Bikes.

Check out a few sneak peeks along with the full calendar line up, after the break!



Featured riders include:
Veronica Andréasson Road Sweden
Pauline Ferrand Prevot Cross-Country France
Liz Hatch Road USA
Hanna Klein Cross-Country Germany
Katherine O`Shea Cross-Country Australia
Marion Rousse Road France
Maja Wloszczowska Cross-Country Poland


Gillis - 08/31/11 - 11:18pm

Liz Hatch please

ZachOverholt - 08/31/11 - 11:37pm

Ok Gillis, I updated it just for you.

moz - 09/01/11 - 4:13am

I have lost the sense of direction.

moz - 09/01/11 - 12:08pm

@ Gillis. Ok I got it. You do it on purpose…

moz - 09/01/11 - 12:26pm

I meant: I get it. See what happens.

Ronin Six - 09/02/11 - 12:58pm

No doubt these are strong and yet beautiful women. But there _has_ to be a way to showcase that in a way other than to make them look like total sluts (talking specifically about any of the ones with the hooker heels of course).

Philip - 09/03/11 - 2:30am

I have nothing against women that look like total sluts so long as the bikes are hot.

Kimron - 09/04/11 - 11:13pm

Oh yes Ronin Six…I do agree
Why not show these women as the beautiful strong athletes they are instead of a tarted up Cycling Stepford fantasy.

Nicole - 09/12/11 - 2:08am

I fail to see how this is a positive thing for women’s sport. I’m disappointed in the women that take part in these campaigns and chose to support the soft porn industry. There are so many tasteful ways this could have been done, especially when In some of the photos you can hardly see the bike. Getting your gear off for public display only diminishes the respect you might once have had, no matter how talented a sports person you are.

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