Pedal Pushers Cycling Tees Get Local via Urban Outfitters Tour

pedal pushers city to city cycling t-shirts for boston portland austin philadelphia NYC san francisco available in urban outfitters

As part of a promotional tour for Levi’s new commuter jeans, which we’re testing at present, Urban Outfitters is making a city-to-city tour with a mobile shop. Our buddies over at Pedal Pushers managed to get in on it and are offering localized cycling t-shirts for Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, NYC, San Francisco and Boston along with some of their more popular designs (Ride More Drive Less). The shirts are super soft, we’ve got several of them ourselves.

Click here to get the tour locations and dates and find the shirts in Urban Outfitters stores and at Pedal Pushers’ website.


Mark - 08/23/11 - 2:13am

Looks very Twin Six-like…

A. Z. - 08/26/11 - 3:04am

I have a few of their hats and T’s… amazing quality stuff and great fit. Highly recommended!!! And no, I don’t work for them.

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