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We’re starting a new feature on Monday mornings: in place of the Pic Of The Day we will be showing you a Monday Mystery Pic. An anonymous source has shared with us photos from his collection of cycling history. We will be posting them every Monday morning at 7 am EST for you to offer your best guesses in hopes of winning the admiration of your fellow cycling technorati. So, let’s get started…what do you think this is?

The answer will be posted in the comments section on Tuesday!

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Capitan Slow - 08/22/11 - 7:17am

This seems to be an hub magnet for an Avocet Cyclometers

Geoffrey Stone - 08/22/11 - 7:19am

It’s a wheel magnet from an Avocet computer. Clips on the spokes around the front hub flange. Used to love my lime green Avocet.

singlespeedb - 08/22/11 - 7:19am

Wheel Magnet for an 80’s early 90’s era Avocet computer.

Nelson - 08/22/11 - 7:23am

So, where to i post my guess??

Nelson - 08/22/11 - 7:23am

BTW, I know exactly what it is….

Matt - 08/22/11 - 7:25am

Is it one of those old computer magnets that attached on the front hub?

Chad - 08/22/11 - 7:27am

Avocet computer magnet.

Adrian - 08/22/11 - 7:32am

This is from a cateye computer. It clips to the hub. I had one of these computers in the 90’s

Oli Brooke-White - 08/22/11 - 7:33am

I think Matt is right – it’s the magnet from an Avocet computer, if I recall correctly.

Evan - 08/22/11 - 7:35am

It’s an Avocet cyclometer magnet. Attaches to the spokes using zip-ties. I remember the Avocet 25, 35 and 40 series using this as it supposedly provided a more accurate reading.

timbo - 08/22/11 - 7:37am

This is an Avocet three-prong transmitter for 36-spoke wheels. The 32-spoke version had four prongs.

Tonga - 08/22/11 - 7:57am

timbo is correct, this will fit perfectly on a 36 spoke wheel, but will not fit on a standard 32 spoke wheel.

Yerma - 08/22/11 - 8:38am

Yup… the others have beaten me to the line. Avocet hub magnet for a 36 spoke wheel. Actually you could make it work with a 32 spoke hub/wheel.
The hub side prongs on the magnet ring had enough grip and you moved the sensor on the fork out just a bit to accommodate. I ran these on my Campy 32 hole hubs for years.

Kasper - 08/22/11 - 8:51am

No way that is a magnet!

It is the Acme Super-X3 composite jockey wheel.
Easy recogniced with it’s three low-profiled and heat dispersing teeth.

A magnet? … come on people! :)

Champ - 08/22/11 - 8:57am

It appears to be part of a prototype monocle frame without the glass.

Greg - 08/22/11 - 9:00am

Definitely an Avocet computer hub mount magnet. As already stated, it would work for a 32 hole hub if you didn’t mind a slight wobble after forcing it on, but this one was intended for 36 holes.

Douglas - 08/22/11 - 9:35am

I guess I’m not the only old fart here. 😉 Yup, Avocet magnetic pickup. I had mine on a Univega Superstrada — never should have sold that one — a Cannondale touring and then a De Rosa. Old times…

yeray - 08/22/11 - 10:28am

AVOCET ALTIMETER 50 years 95-96

Matt - 08/22/11 - 10:36am

Aww, I didn’t think that many people would get it… Timbo, you’re a repository of cycling knowledge!
Touring lockring removers tend to baffle people when they look in my tool kit.

nicd78 - 08/22/11 - 10:40am

looks like my girlfriends broken diaphragm

Biron Keefer - 08/22/11 - 11:30am

Avocet Wheel Magnet

Steve M - 08/22/11 - 12:02pm

The “Lance ” disposable testostone cock ring that Floyd wore in the Tour?

Hugh Jass - 08/22/11 - 12:41pm

I still have an Avocet Altimeter NIB. Never got around to mounting it.

Sean - 08/22/11 - 12:57pm

Avocet computer magnet

CJ - 08/22/11 - 1:38pm

I still have a few of those. Yup the comments above are right an Avocet computer magnet. I had to cut the prongs off and double-side tape this to my Specialized Tri-Spoke

moz - 08/22/11 - 3:53pm

A missing part from Aliens spaceship.

holpunch - 08/22/11 - 4:31pm

Capt. slow was faster than me. It is indeed an Avocet wheel magnet. I’ve got several in my toolbox to I have to dispose of.

Dave Hart - 08/22/11 - 5:40pm

Deffo avocet magnet. That takes me back. Very Old skool

steve - 08/22/11 - 6:28pm

How ironic, I removed an ancient Avocet rig from my wife’s hybrid yesterday and threw the computer mount, the cable, the sensor, and this ring magnet into the trash. But I still have a working Avocet setup on my 18 year old Serotta.

louis - 08/22/11 - 7:29pm

retainer ring for BB30

CCH - 08/22/11 - 11:37pm

Wow. Had one of these on my first decent bike in 1985. Avocet wheel magnet.

Kristibee - 08/23/11 - 7:17am

Answer: Most of you were spot on! It’s an Avocet computer magnet.

From our source:
“Avocet was the first commercially available bicycle computer.
It only took 15 -18 months to deliver after it was first announced.
…it was announced in 1982 and delivered in 1983-4.
There were a lot of tech problems and the unit was vastly oversold.
It was difficult to set up and very finicky.
The original was a Model 25.”

Thanks for playing and see you next Monday morning!

DatZegIkToch! - 08/23/11 - 9:36am


Rob Alford - 08/24/11 - 3:13pm

It’s a sensor ring for an Avocet 20/30 bike computer from the 80s/90s. I have one still. THAT WORKS.

Justin - 08/24/11 - 4:24pm

It may well be an Avocet computer magnet as others are saying, but when I first glanced at it I was reminded of the lockring used on Shimano Nexus internally-geared hubs. I now realize that part looks a bit different.

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