Review: Lezyne Smart Wallet Loaded

When I first came across the Smart Wallets in Lezyne’s catalog, I thought that they were a neat idea.  Designed to be loaded with a phone, ID, and money, the Smart Wallet is a tool case (the Loaded version comes with tools similar to those shown) that is meant to slip into a rider’s jersey pocket.  Ever since mine arrived, it’s been in use- though not exactly as Lezyne intended.  Read on to find out why…

For $40, the Smart Wallet Loaded seems well constructed and comes with a RAP-6 multi-tool, a pair of nice compact composite tire levers, and a small patch kit.  Save a chain tool, that should address most roadside issues (though a chain tool is something that’s hard to fudge).  The transparent ID pocket will help first responders figure out just who you are and the small neoprene pocket can easily handle a card and few bills.

Though the Smart Wallet’s  Ziploc-style PVC phone pocket is a great idea, even my small-ish smartphone takes a bit of coercion to fit.  This could be addressed with a less-sticky material, but anyone with a fancier/bigger phone will be out of luck.  That and the lack of a chain tool had me quickly returning to my small saddle bag (which can also handle CO2 cartridges and a spare tube) for general road use.

Where the Smart Wallet ultimately found a happy home was in my commuter bag.  Most messenger bags don’t really take tool storage into account- and many commuters don’t want to leave anything on their bikes during the day.  For commuter use, the SmartWallet really is ideal.  A medical and contact information card easily sits in the waterproof pocket and most adjustments and repairs can be handled with the addition of a pump.  If the RAP-6 was replaced with a tool incorporating a chain tool (Lezyne make several), the Smart Wallet Loaded would be a great commuter or urban companion.  As it sits, it’s a good start and should be an easy sell alongside commuting-oriented bikes.



saltz - 08/18/11 - 10:45am

Do you think an IPhone would fit there?

Dylan - 08/18/11 - 12:20pm

Yeah, no doubt. Why would you show it with a crackberry? Who uses these anymore besides chunky salesmen from Iowa?

Joshua Murdock - 08/18/11 - 12:28pm

This could also be great for XC riders who carry very little with them when they ride. I mean, unless I’m doing an all day ride, I really only carry the stuff listed above… plus a tube and tire attached to the bike. It’s definitely not all that’s need for an all day ride, but for fast 2/3 hour training rides it’s perfect. I’m definitely going to consider getting one. Thanks for the review!

Joshua Murdock - 08/18/11 - 12:29pm

Sorry, I meant “CO2″… NOT “tire”.

dafedico - 08/18/11 - 3:01pm

that’s great idea!, so the size is much bigger than a standard wallet, also my cellphone is bigger than a this blackberry… but the price is not bad.

greetings from Colombia!

Vvvvvv - 08/30/11 - 8:15pm

I’ll stick to my ziplock

kelvin - 01/06/12 - 2:49am

Tendons link points to Smart wallet Elite which is way bigger than smart wallet. I am still not convinced that smart wallet can take iphone 4.

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