Ceradure Creates World’s Lightest Cassette at 84g

Ceradure creates worlds lightest road bike cassette from aluminum at 84g

Photo: John Whitney/BikeRadar

Spotted by BikeRadar (more pics over there), German manufacturer Ceradure has created the world’s lightest road bike cassette. Weighing in at just 84g plus 4g for the lockring, that puts it 71g lighter than SRAM Red and 78g lighter than Shimano Dura-Ace. Word is it’s no slouch in performance, either, with a claimed lifespan of 5,000km of riding in any conditions. The cassette is machined from billet aluminum then given a durable ceramic coating before being treated with Teflon to make shifts slick and further extend wear. Projected price is a whopping €350, and there’s a 145g mountain bike version in the pipeline.


Colin - 08/18/11 - 10:40pm

Mattias Hellore made a lighter cassette.

RoDe - 08/19/11 - 2:10am

As far as I know these guys are Dutch not German

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