Video: Danny Macaskill, Industrial Revolutions

Danny Macaskill is at it again. The newest video from the trials phenom is one of the best yet in terms of filming and editing, and the riding is right along with it. From riding on top of trains, insane cable rides (2:34), and mind blowing drops Danny shows that he’s still got it. Take a minute to watch the whole thing, you’ll be glad you did.


Jeff Small - 08/16/11 - 12:45pm

“A Flim By Stu Thomson”

Is that THE Stu Thomson? Former BMX World Champion who rode for Redline back in the day?

Justin - 08/16/11 - 2:03pm

Fantastic shredding by Danny as usual. The rusty re-bar sticking out in the indoor section is sketch though!

Tyler (Editor) - 08/16/11 - 3:03pm

Time to dust off the ol’ Scott DJ bikes…

If this can inspire us 20- and 30-somethings, imagine what kids these days must think of this!

chuck - 08/16/11 - 5:52pm

Not that impressed, he had to carry his bike up the stairs!

Laurie - 08/17/11 - 1:14pm

The normal laws of physics only apply to us mere mortals. Danny rides on another plane altogether. Amazing !!

Taylor Little - 08/17/11 - 2:02pm

My favorite parts are when he walks, lets you know he’s at least human.

MacaSKILL - 08/17/11 - 10:38pm

Danny is cool, Russia is shocked by it

A - 09/24/11 - 4:30am

Still the most impressive thing about him is the bike is fully rigid. Dope skills, otherwise it kills [his wrists].

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