New Surly Troll “Skull Crushing” Bike with Bill & Ted Cargo Trailer

2012 Surly Troll Cargo Commuter bicycle with bill and ted bike cargo trailer

Surly’s new Troll do-everything bike’s intended use is summed up thusly: bike packing, commuting, off road touring, single track ripping, trailer haulin’, and crushing skulls when necessary. At just $495 MSRP for the frameset, how can you go wrong. Don’t want to piece it together from your Frankenstein’s bin of parts we all have laying around? Complete bikes will be offered in September, price TBD.

Detail pic and more on that trailer after the break…

2012 Surly Troll Cargo Commuter bicycle with bill and ted bike cargo trailer

The Troll has mounting points for basically anything you’d want to bolt onto it. Sliding disc brake mounts let you easily line up the caliper with the wheel once you’ve got your chain tension sorted out. The trailer will come with the mounting points that, conveniently, have a dedicated mounting place on the Troll’s frame. This keeps any pressure off the axle while you’re riding and lets you run any variety of skewer you like.

2012 Surly Troll Cargo Commuter bicycle with bill and ted bike cargo trailer

Looks extremely durable and has mounting points for various things you may want to attach.

It’ll work with other bikes, too. Rather than me say it, here’s the elegant prose we received from Greg at Surly:

Trailers for Haulin’

Bill 63 x 24 MSRP $799
Ted 32 x 24 MSRP $874

Trailers fit almost every bike from 20 inch wheels through 29×2.4.  Trailers come equipped with a special Surly axel and axel nuts to replace your standard quick release. Max Recommended pay load of 300lbs.  Want to pull a trailer with your Pug or Big Dummy?  Not yet, but keep your pants on!


Caliente - 08/08/11 - 4:19pm

This is the reason I love Surly. These guys actually ride and make useful stuff.

That being said, I’ll bet the pair of those rear drop-outs weighs as much as that cannondale frame a few posts down.

S.Fuller - 08/08/11 - 6:34pm

It looks like a 26″ Karate Monkey with improved dropouts. Wonder if a bunch of these improvements will make their way to the KM?

AlexK. - 08/08/11 - 6:40pm

Why is the larger trailer cheaper?

Surly Greg - 08/11/11 - 2:05pm

Sorry for the confusion, Trailer prices have been swapped. Oh, and it’s spelled axle, not “axel.”

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