2012 Specialized Actual Weights – Mountain Bikes and 29ers

2012 Specialized Epic 29er Expert weight for large

We took advantage of Specialized’s expo at Crankworx and weighed all of their new 2012 mountain and road bikes for mens and womens. In this post are the men’s mountain bikes and 29ers, others will be in a separate post. Not only do we have each model, but we’ve got several sizes for each (mostly).

Above is the 2012 Specialized Epic 29er Expert in size large  and comes in at 24lbs 15oz. Note that some models have a water bottle cage or two adding to the weight, so form your opinions accordingly. Make the jump for the rest…

2012 Specialized epic 29er expert medium actual weight 2012 Specialized epic 29er expert small actual weight

2012 Specialized Epic 29er Expert size medium is 24lbs 15oz (left) and small is 24lbs 10oz.

The Stumpjumper S-Works 29er in Large is 25lbs 12oz.

2012 Specialized stumpjumper 29er small actual weight

The regular Stumpjumper 29er is 28lbs 14oz (Large, left) and 28lbs 4oz (Small).

2012 Specialized stumpjumper 26inch medium actual weight 2012 Specialized stumpjumper 26inch xl extra large actual weight

The 26″ Stumpjumper comes in at 26lbs 11oz for medium (left) and 27lbs 5oz for XL.

2012 Specialized Carve 29er medium actual weight

The 2012 Specialized Carve 29er alloy hardtail is 28lbs 13oz for Medium.

2012 Specialized Enduro large actual weight

The 2012 Enduro comes in at 30lbs 10oz for the Large regular version.

2012 Specialized Enduro small actual weight 2012 Specialized Enduro medium actual weight

The small (left) comes in at 30lbs 1oz and the medium (right) is 30lbs 4oz.

2012 Specialized Enduro Evo large actual weight

The 2012 Enduro Evo is 32lbs 9oz for the Large.

2012 Specialized Enduro small actual weight 2012 Specialized Enduro medium actual weight

The small Enduro Evo (left) is 31lbs 13oz and the medium (right) is 32lbs 6oz.

2012 Specialized SX Trail Small actual weight 2012 Specialized SX Trail large actual weight

The 2012 Specialized SX Trail is 35lbs 5oz in Small (left) and 36lbs 2oz in Large.

2012 Specialized Status medium actual weight

The 2012 Status in medium is 37lbs 14oz.

2012 Specialized Camber Comp 29er medium actual weight

The 2012 Camber 29er Comp is 30lbs 3oz for Medium.

2012 Specialized Demo 8 downhill mountain bike medium actual weight

Last but not least, their Demo 8 DH bike is 37lbs even for Medium.

None of the bikes were weighed with pedals, and we promised Specialized we’d tell you that some are pre-production bikes but that they’re all very, very close to final products. In other words, weights shouldn’t vary much from these and what ends up in your local dealer.


Doug B - 08/03/11 - 3:55pm


aCork - 08/03/11 - 4:22pm

Weight of the Stumpjumper 29 Expert HT?

alloycowboy - 08/03/11 - 6:26pm

A couple interesting things can be said here.

~To get a sub 25 pound 29er FS you have to spend mega bucks because the frame, the wheels, and the fork all weigh more then equivilant 26er parts.

~On a cost vs performance basis 26ers are faster because of the 29er weight penalty.

~The real reason behind the push for 29er’s is increased profit margins and not improved performance.

~ USA Import duties are based on wheel diameter so while their are important duties on 26ers their no duties on 29er bikes.


Antsonline - 08/03/11 - 6:34pm

Go ahead and weigh all the bikes that nobody cares how much they weigh!

How about the race bikes?

contrary - 08/03/11 - 7:19pm

alloycowboy says “A couple interesting things can be said here.”

too bad what the cowboy says about cost/performance and “the real reason” behind push for 29er’s is absolute BS. . . ..

read some of the forums. . .read what folks who actually ride 29ers say about them. I’m sure the Lance Armstrong win of a Leadville qualifier on a Superfly Elite was just marketing BS too, eh?

brumos - 08/03/11 - 7:44pm

~On a cost vs performance basis 26ers are faster because of the 29er weight penalty.
~The real reason behind the push for 29er’s is increased profit margins and not improved performance.

You clearly have not ridden one. Typical response from a desk jockey who only focuses on the numbers. And no I don’t own a 29er, still ride a 26″ but my next bike will be a 29er.

Colin - 08/03/11 - 9:03pm

26 vs. 29 is like standard vs. automatic.

If you know what your doing standard is faster, if you can’t drive a standard, then the automatic is obviously faster.

Now awaiting all the reply’s talking about how Todd Wells rides one so it must be faster.

Jason - 08/03/11 - 10:05pm

26″ vs 29″

who cares….just ride.

gratephul - 08/03/11 - 10:41pm

lol, I love the automatic vs standard analogy. It’s pretty accuarte in my opinion.

greg - 08/03/11 - 10:43pm

“~On a cost vs performance basis 26ers are faster because of the 29er weight penalty. ”
-should read-
“On a cost vs WEIGHT basis 26ers are LIGHTER because of the 29er weight penalty.”
Lighter doesn’t necessarily equal faster. Hardtails are lighter but slower. rigid forks, same thing. Unicycles are lighter.
“on a cost vs performance basis 29ers are faster because of the 26er diameter penalty.”

Joshua Murdock - 08/03/11 - 11:34pm

Everybody needs to chill out. It’s not the bike you ride, it’s how you ride it. Todd Wells could win on a 26’er, Julian Absalon could win on 29’ers. I love 29’ers and race a 29’er… but there are definitely some courses where a 26’er is better. Just like some trails are better suited for hardtail or full-suspension, some are better ridden on 29’ers and some on 26’ers. There is no end-all, do-all, “best wheel size”. Period.

Mr. P - 08/04/11 - 12:37am

The Enduro weight is amazing considering it’s capabilities.

standard vs. automatic…
You know which is more fun to drive :-)

Grinder - 08/04/11 - 2:52pm

I think a better, if dated analogy for 26/29er is slalom vs GS skis. One is agile gives quick fast turns at the expense of stability. The other provides a stable smooth ride with some lost of agility and sensitivity. (I have one of each).

If anyone takes the time to read the link, maybe alloycowboy may be onto something about the import duties. A big reason for the rise in popularity of SUVs through the 90s was the preferential tax treatment of light trucks vs cars.

LomaAltaMater - 08/04/11 - 3:36pm

Does the new Enduro have a 142mm thru axle rear hub like on the Epic?

jwest - 08/06/11 - 12:09am

So why is my 2011 S-Works Epic 29r only 23.64 lbs? This weight includes, the Bontrager mixed tire set, pedals, bottle cage, 1 spare tube, fat co2, and some dirt ?

Vincent - 08/08/11 - 7:09am

Do the bikes were setup with tubes or tubeless ?

BB - 08/09/11 - 5:44am

We’ll see what they weigh.. My 2011 29 Epic Expert Carbon (european ed) was 28,16lbs in large last year so if this is correct they must have dropped some weight.

Pedro - 08/10/11 - 4:26pm

You guys didn’t weight the Specialized Model in the black hoodie, standing in the background behind the Carve.

Real Cowboy - 08/12/11 - 1:09pm


“~ USA Import duties are based on wheel diameter so while their are important duties on 26ers their no duties on 29er bikes. ”

You have no idea what you are talking about. The tariff heading and duty rate for 29ers is the exact same as the heading for 29ers. A reduced duty rate would come from the import of a road bike as the cross section of the tire is less than 4.13 km.

cowboy derp - 08/16/11 - 9:44am

actually, allow cowboy is right. A buddy I race with works for Dorel (c’dale, gt, mongoose), and yes, the lower import tax rates for 29″ wheels is one of the main driving factors. The other driving factor is that the frame geometry is closer to road bike geometry than it is to 26″ mtb geometry. So its helping to get more road riders to try (and stick) with mountain biking since the bikes feel more familiar to them.

I’ve ridden (and ride) both wheel sizes (first time I rode a 29’er was years ago when the first G Fisher models came out), and they both have their benefits. 29’ers ARE faster in certain circumstances – straightaways and wide long swooping turns. When the trails are super tight and technical, 26″ers win all day.

as far as reading what people on forums are saying about 29’ers…. a lot of that can be attributed to people justifying their purchases. Same can be said for people who obsess with light components, or the best suspension, or a myriad of other things.

Ado - 10/23/11 - 1:09am

Does anyone have the actual weight of the 2012 carbon S-works enduro medium?

Jimmy - 10/26/11 - 10:04pm

My s-works epic 29er size small 1 x 10 speed only 21.8

Krusatyr - 10/28/11 - 10:06pm

As a beginner, I recently rode a 2012 Epic demo-tester 29er, aluminum frame, similar to Epic Comp 29er, still had energy after ride, felt like I’d spent more time descending than ascending. Easy to love that bike. I want to buy it, so how do I get the tester without waiting til end of season next year? Color scheme best of all Epics.

Ado - 11/06/11 - 8:19pm

Got the 2012 s works enduro and it weighed 12.54 kgs without pedals, which equates to 27.58 lbs

Peter - 12/03/11 - 4:34pm

Can anybody confirm the actual weight of their Epic expert carbon 29er, 2012 (size M)?

Aaron - 01/06/12 - 12:01am

Just picked up and weighed my new 2012 Epic Expert Carbon size medium. It was 25 pounds even with Candy SL 11 pedals. I’d say the numbers above for the Epics are dead on.

Bob - 01/10/12 - 7:58pm

Picked up my 12 Enduro Comp size XL last week. 31lbs 10ozs on the shop’s Park scale without pedals, with Blacklite Command Post and (sorry, forgot to take them off) reflectors.

Judd - 02/11/12 - 3:44pm

What they are saying is the s-works enduro isn’t. Not only does it not have a command post, is the wrong color, but it doesn’t even say s-works on it. The enduro shown is the comp. If you don’t believe me just look at them on specialized’s own website. However to get a comp level 160 bike at 30 lbs. is pretty impressive. I’m glad someone actually bought one and posted the correct weight here though. THANKS!!! 27 lbs is ridiculous. I’m sold on it.

The Dude - 04/15/12 - 9:32pm

She’s pretty cute

Chris - 04/30/12 - 12:08pm

I weighed a camber comp 29 medium i think at a bike shopit was a t 28 lb and 1oz.

Mr Hedgehog - 09/02/12 - 5:44am

What I can say about the debate between a 26’er and a 29’er is this.
I own both a Specialized Rockhopper SL 26’er, and a Specialized Carve Comp 29’er.
For me, and I do totally appreciate that we all have our own personal opinions, is that the Rockhopper is an infinitely better, and much nicer bike to ride. The Carve feels cumbersome, heavy in comparison, and generally horrid. As soon as I can find someone to take the Carve off me for a acceptable amount of money, the happier I shall be.
There is in fact nothing that I prefer about the Carve over the Rockhopper and would, at this point in time, urge huge caution on anyone thinking of buying one.

Gegboy - 02/14/13 - 2:43pm

I have a 2012 a works Enduro full xo single ring up front easton haven carbon wheels nobby nic tubeless set up.all in weight is 26 pounds

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