Rapha teams up with Rocket Espresso Milano for limited edition Espresso Machine

Rapha Espresso Machine by Rocket Espresso Milano

Rapha has teamed up with the likes of Rocket Espresso Milano to produce a limited edition (200 in total) Giotto espresso machine.  The Giotto is a top of line espresso machine that won’t disappoint.

The machine is constructed out of stainless steel, pure copper (Cu. 99.9%), and lead free brass.  It really is a thing of beauty.  The Rapha H Van silhouette graphic and cycle club logo are engraved on the machine, as well as the phrase “Oggi Ci Daremo Una Botta.”  Translated it means, “We’ll give ourselves a kick up the backside today.”

As one would guess, it doesn’t come cheap.  The machine runs €1,700 or roughly $2450 for those of us stateside.

For full details and more images visit Rapha’s site.



Dicky - 08/01/11 - 8:02am

Tossing out my Mr Coffee, selling my car, and ordering one of these bad boys.

GMB - 08/01/11 - 9:08am

you can get two for the price of the electric mtb group….

Yerma - 08/01/11 - 6:27pm

I used a Giotto for a number of years. It was worth every penny. Only replaced it for a true commercial 1 group. Mmmmm…espresso.

beck - 08/02/11 - 11:51am

is this necessary? what a bunch of tools.

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