K-Edge Ki2 Kit Converts Di2 to Mountain Bike Group


K-Edge’s Ki2 Electronic Shifting kit combines a collection of their CNC’d pieces with the Shimano Di2 drivetrain parts. It’s available as either the full group with the battery, derailleurs and shifters and XTR cranks and brakes. Or, you can get just the electronic Di2 bits or send in your own Di2 parts and they retrofit it as necessary. Prices are posted after the break along with detail pix and more info…



The shift button pods are machined to fit the climber’s remote shift buttons and mount inline with Shimano’s brake lever clamps just like their mechanical shifters would. The button package includes the pods, buttons and electronics/wire harness. Currently, the auxiliary shift buttons are designed to plug into the regular shifters, so K-Edge hard solders the wires into the front wire harness. Word is the new Ultegra Di2 system will provide an appropriate click-connect solution. Along those lines, K-Edge will be working on an Ultegra Di2 kit, too.


The only thing required up front us their standard braze-on direct mount adapter clamp. It positions the front derailleur about 4mm more outboard than it would be on a road bike to compensate for the different chain line on mountain bikes. They’re working on an adapter for frames with direct mount front derailleurs. It’s best that you check with them before ordering to make sure it’ll work with your frame.

In the rear, they increased the spring tension at the B and P springs to mimic the chain tension that a standard XTR rear mech would provide.


It’s available in their five standard ano colors (black, gun metal, blue, red & gold). This orange is actually a custom color done up for this Niner to show off the system.


Chip - 07/28/11 - 3:40pm

Another new Gucci item that mountain bikers don’t need.

Nathan - 07/28/11 - 3:54pm

Here is the conversation that just took place:
Coworker: “why?”
Me: “because its sick”
Coworker: “ya, but why?”
Me: “….so sick”
Coworker: “why?”
Me: “SICK!”

Fred Astaire - 07/28/11 - 4:10pm


Baltimore - 07/28/11 - 6:13pm

Innovative and very cool but the price is insane!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the complexities
and time required to design and produce these but wow…

I’ll keep my cable driven drivetrain (works for everyone)
and buy like 3 Niner frames instead.

Good on ya if you can budget these on to your bike.

gp - 07/28/11 - 6:50pm

having shifters at the bar ends would be super-cool too

steve m - 07/28/11 - 7:37pm

Fonzi just jumped the shark.

craigsj - 07/28/11 - 8:18pm

Prices are absurd, horizontal button layout is undesirable. This can be done better and cheaper.

$475 for a cage and pulleys? Ridiculous.

indiefab - 07/29/11 - 12:27am

“right and left shifted pods”?

How about being innovative and offer a sequential shifting option that runs off a single shifter?

jessica - 07/29/11 - 5:14am

well I’ve just bought mine at a very reasonable price! you should check out this website if you are looking to get one too http://www.cyclexpress.co.uk/categories/Shimano.aspx

Steve - 07/29/11 - 8:55am

Cost for Ultegra shouldn’t be -too- much.

KT - 07/29/11 - 9:02am

It costs so much because they are essentially production one-offs.

Jen - 07/29/11 - 10:01am

For adaptive riders or people like me who have bad thumbs and it makes shifting hard (I’ve been using grip shift but the sheer diameter of that thing is another issue for my small hands) – this is cool. But the price, yikes!!! This could extend my riding career though — I’m going to hope for cheaper/better solutions by the time I’m totally dead in the water.

adam - 07/29/11 - 10:57am

sequential wouldn’t be innovative either. It’s been done with Di2.

The shifter layout seems obvious, the left button moves the chain left across the gears, right button moves it right. Ergonomics may be off but I’d have to put my hands on it and actually feel it. My thumb happens to articulate at the knuckle, so I can move it left and right.

yotam - 07/29/11 - 2:29pm

i think we need to wait like two years untill it’ll be affordable.. new things will come out to the market.. no need to waste tons of money on these gadgets..

Maple Leafs - 07/29/11 - 3:39pm

Does anyone in the industry know if Shimano will come out w/ their own electrical groupo for mountain bikes?

GMB - 07/29/11 - 7:51pm

1190 FOR A REAR DER!!!! My riding has gotten cut down to 2-3 times a week, but I am on my 3rd rear der this season…..I need to get a better job.

binny bin - 08/02/11 - 6:58pm

this fixes a problem that never existed in the first place. what a waste of engineering….K Edge is going to need to do better if they actually want to stay in business. this stuff is way too expensive…..and if you are a pro, you probably get it for free.

jorge - 08/02/11 - 7:00pm

The slant on the rear parallelogram is sub-optimal for any cog size greater than 28 teeth. This is an issue with any rear road derailleur REGARDLESS of cage length. Front derailleur performance will suffer on a triple crank and is also sub-optimal in radius (chainring size). Anywho, I am sure it “works”…just not at a very high standard.

Ricardo - 12/09/11 - 4:06am

My Frankenstein Di2.


It’s worth a look, it’s not been tested though.

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