POC Sports Intros VPD 2.0, Changes Body Armor Game Again

2012 POC Sports VPD 2 multidensity body armor padding for mountain bikers

POC Sports just unveiled the second generation of their VPD (Viscoelastic Polymer Dough) body armor, called VPD 2.0.

VPD, as you may recall, is their highly moldable, flexible, padding that hardens upon impact. The original version could be molded with a single density, using different pieces with different densities to cobble together parts like the back panel where a firmer section covered the spine, with softer sections along the sides.

The new VPD 2.0 let’s them mold it in 3D with multiple densities built throughout a single pad. For example, the new back pad has about 20 different density levels throughout, firmer in the middle. Additionally, the molding process let’s them both shape the material to raise it off the body and add ventilation, as shown above.

Click ‘more’ to see some of the new armor and upcoming improvements to the Trebec…

2012 POC Sports VPD 2 multidensity body armor padding for mountain bikers

On the left is the new multi-density VPD 2.0 back panel, molded as a single piece, versus the old two piece dual-density VPD 1.0.

2012 POC Sports VPD 2 multidensity body armor padding for mountain bikers

New pieces with the VPD 2.0 include a full upper body armor jacket with built-in spine and shoulder protection, plus the pieces shown above, from left to right: shin, long knee, short knee, elbow. Not shown are the new HIP Shorts that have triple layer padding designed to move with the body.

2012 POC Sports VPD 2 multidensity body armor padding for mountain bikers

Coming soon, the Trebec helmet will have the next generation MIPS internal frame that will allow approximately 20º of movement/rotation of the outer shell individually from your head upon impact. This helps prevent rotational brain injury. You can see the shift in the frame in the pictures above.


Gillis - 07/22/11 - 3:55pm

I’d like to see comparisons between this stuff, 661/D3 and G-Form

es8engn - 07/22/11 - 10:35pm

i hate to say this, cause i’m friends with some of the g-form guys, but the coverage of this product seems superior at a glance, though otherwise very comparable. where can i find some hands on test product in the northeast?

bobon - 07/24/11 - 10:06pm

same stuff different story, still looks hot and heavy to me and everything has to pass safety standards anyways, A back protector from wong pang chang and sold at walmart would be just as good as it has to pass the same safety standard does it not ? so if this isn’t lighter and cooler what benefits does it give the user? over there old protector. Someone needs to get innovative on this stuff as I’ve noticed no one wears armour now as its too hot and heavy. How does my Leatte fit in to this back protector? come on companies out there sort it out. Am I really going to have to buy an MX roost protector that doesn’t do much but means i get a bit more protection and it works with my leatte…

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