Limited Edition Fighter Jet Gray from Niner – Air 9 Scandium Frame Only

limited edition fighter jet gray niner bikes air 9 scandium 29er hardtail frame

If you like to make swooshing jet sounds while you ride or you think it’s funny/cool to hang a “remove before flight” tag from your seatpost, Niner’s got a little treat for you.

Thanks to employee persistence, they’ve come out with a very limited edition Aircraft Gray (we like Fighter Jet Gray better) color for their Air 9 Scandium hardtail 29er frame. How limited? Let’s put it this way: If you wait until tomorrow, you’re probably out of luck. Get the deets on their Facebook page. MSRP is $709.


Kevin - 07/19/11 - 10:54pm

Does scandium crack easier than aluminum?

Joshua Murdock - 07/19/11 - 11:40pm

If you buy it for the color, don’t ride it. If you do, you’ll need to buy a replacement frame in a few months. Looks good but it’s all just show. Scandium frames crack. A lot.

alloycowboy - 07/20/11 - 12:19am

See Eastons technical notes on Al-Sc frame manufactering as it will answer most of your questions.

Patrick - 07/20/11 - 12:48am

Oops, glad my 2006 Niner One 9 cannot read the internet. It might get the silly idea that it needs to crack.

Tywin - 07/20/11 - 6:07am

Scandium frames crack a lot? What a load of crap. I’ve been working at a shop for going on 5 years that sells Kona’s, who do a lot of scandium-framed bikes, and I haven’t seen ONE come back. We’ve had alloy/carbon Meridas and Marins come back, but no Konas. So I dont know what you’re basing your assumption from.

Marc - 07/20/11 - 7:54am

@Kevin – My Scandium-framed On-One Scandal has been going strong for years…

GMB - 07/20/11 - 9:01am

A “scandium” frame is still an aluminum frame. SC is just an additive to the aluminum alloy, very small, usually less than 0.5%. It improve fatigue resistance and weldability. The “scandium” frame is just a marketing trick, they could call frames “zinc” and “magnesium” as well.

Cool link here, click on SC:

Nice bike frame nonetheless.

Gian - 07/20/11 - 10:18am

Just had a fisher aluminum frame crack. It just depends on the tubing, welding, design and use. I’m sure a poorly designed and welded scandium frame will crack but so would a poorly designed and built steel/carbon/bamboo etc frame.

Good thing fisher/trek have a good warranty policy… Good chance niner has one too.

topmounter - 07/20/11 - 2:41pm

I think I still prefer my raw Air9 w/ raw Niner Carbon Fork, but I like the way they’re thinking.

Joshua Murdock - 07/21/11 - 12:54am

Hey, I’m not saying every scandium frame will crack… but my college roommate experienced three Air 9 frames crack on him in a little over one year. He’s a light, technically able rider who rides carefully and is not one to throw his bikes around. I train with him almost every day and have never had any issues with my non-scandium frame. So, like I said, maybe there are some good scandium bikes, but the Air 9 is prone to frequent cracking.

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