Sneak Peek – 2012 Pinarello Dogma, More


Not a ton of info on these yet, but just got these pics from Bart at Queen City Bicycles while he’s over in Italy for the introduction.

Above is the 2012 Team Sky Edition Dogma 2. The obvious frame change is with the fork, check out the crown. More after the break…

20110717-062655.jpg 20110717-062816.jpg

Looks like the Dogma will have an electronic Campagnolo drivetrain option for next year. Nice to see wired shifting becoming more prevalent.


Word is all carbon models get several frame changes and upgrades. As usual, more as we get it.


h2ofuel - 07/17/11 - 9:21pm

Wicked bike stands/holders in the second and third pictures. Looking forward to more on the new Dogma, and dare I say I’m glad to see that it is slightly less “wrinkly”.

halfwheeled - 07/17/11 - 11:20pm

what the heck? a pinnarello with dura ace????

Skronglite - 07/18/11 - 3:52am


Contrary to popular belief, Italy actually wants to sell bikes. They stopped caring what components went on their bikes a long time ago. The only people who actually think Italian bikes should only be equipped with Italian components are old-school American DB’s who seem to think they’re hurting Italy’s feelings if they don’t use Campy.

The majority of Pinarello’s we sell at the store I work at come equipped with Shimano or Sram.

Carrera - 07/18/11 - 5:06am

Pinarello are not made in Italy so I don’t concider them Italian….Go buy a gaint instead!!

hayduke - 07/18/11 - 7:05am

Liquigas-Cannondale called – they want their colors back.

The Rude Awakener - 07/18/11 - 2:41pm

Pinarello = Chinarello overpriced OEM bikes. Not saying they are bad bikes. And what is wrong with a Pinarello with Campy? Go whine to Team Sky b*tch.

alloycowboy - 07/19/11 - 3:26am

Beautiful bikes, it’s just to bad that Pinarello engineers are being held back by stone age UCI rules.

Scott B - 07/22/11 - 1:09am

They need to design a better looking water bottle to complete the look.

WFO - 11/27/11 - 4:48pm

The Dogma 2 is a sweet ride. Weighing in a bit heavier than say a Cervelo R5 or an S Works Tarmac both awesome rides, no question, no argument there..

But, the Dogma 2 and Pinarello’s in general have a design that exudes uniqueness. My bike(s) not only need to perform outstandingly, but, make a personal statement like a car. Hell, you pay enough for Pro level rides so it should. Besides..IMHO, Pinarello’s are so unique when compared to all others ou there is cool. The bike inspires my to ride and to ride more. half the coolness is looking at them when I’m not riding them= drool factor. Equipped with Campy S.Record not because it’s Italian…no, because the stuff works the way I like components to work. Fast and furious.

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