Camelbak Matches Bite Valve Colors to New Agent Packs


One cool detail we (read: Seth) overlooked when covering the new Camelbak Agent packs at PressCamp was the new matching colored bite valves. Small detail, sure, but very cool. We just ordered a case of orange ones so we can make all our hoses/bite valves the official Bikerumor colors. Sweet.


topmounter - 07/13/11 - 1:13pm

I must be getting old, but it amazes me what qualifies as “very cool” nowadays.

BigRing - 07/13/11 - 5:14pm

This is some marketing guy’s attempt to drive supply chain and operations people crazy by going from 1 component # for bite valve assemblies to 10.

Sales guy: “What do you mean we can’t make the next shipment?”

Operations guy: “Well….we have 8,000 extra green bite valves, but we are 100 pink bite valves short.”

Ops guy to Mkt guy: “Why do you make these decisions that increase cost and complexity of manufacturing for almost nothing. Isn’t the blue bite valve part of our DNA and easily recognized in the marketplace?”

Mkt guy to Ops guy: “You ops guys just like to b&tch. This is going to drive a huge increase in business. We have lost tons of sales to Osprey because people say our blue bite valves are boring. Color coordinated bite valves are a huge part of our sales pitch for next year.”

Ops guy to Mkt guy: “If your best move to slow the market share growth of Osprey is colored bite valves, we’re screwed.”

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