Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Holy Cow!


Photo submitted by Eric, “This is a picture from my ride in Twin Falls on some back roads. The cow is huge!!”

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Jake - 07/12/11 - 9:38am

Well, all I can say is that Eric is lucky the cow didn’t “pop” while standing there.
In the first couple of days of decomposing the gasses build up within the body and if there is no outlet, the skin can give way to a sudden burst. Doesn’t always happen but it can.

My advise, just keep riding.

Warren - 07/12/11 - 9:48am

Jake is right! I poked a rabbit’s belly with a stick when it was at the height of expansion… I still gag thinking about it.

topmounter - 07/12/11 - 9:52am

You should have launched over it.

Big Mike - 07/12/11 - 11:48am

haha, or at least skipped over it with your cyclocross bike on your shoulder.

Nanci Drew - 07/12/11 - 1:08pm


beck - 07/13/11 - 11:47am

this is the dumbest pic of the day ever.

Paul - 10/13/11 - 9:20am

throw a rock at it… x P

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