When words fail: Nalini reintrouduce Carrera “Denim” cycling kits


OK, some words actually will be needed to explain just how cool these bibs are:

Back in the 1990s, Marco Pantani’s remarkable ride to glory was in part sponsored by Carrera, the popular and fashionable jean maker.  Pantani’s Carrera team kit – made by Nalini – featured “denim” bibshorts and jerseys, one of the more memorable pro team kits of the era.

And, now they are back.  Nalini is now offering a retro replica Carrera team kit – just like the one Italy’s tragic cycling hero wore during his heyday.  The Nalini-Carrera-Pantani replica gear will be imported exclusively by Albabici (www.albabici.com).  Both bibshorts and matching jerseys are available.


Update: We have word from Albabici that the pockets are functional.

Want to dress like a, no, The Pirate?  Click through to see the matching jersey…




uglyyeti - 07/07/11 - 8:03am

I always referred to those as Chiappucci shorts. Nice to acknowledge il Pirata (di cocaina).

If they made these a shade darker, the Amish might scoop them up.

Zach Thomas - 07/07/11 - 8:21am

That’s it — I’m buying the entire stock in sizes S-XL so that for the rest of my life I’ll be able to sport the most awesome kit to ever be found in the pro peloton besides the Acqua & Sapone zebra kit.

Thank you, Nalini. 2011 is just that much brighter.

Jon S - 07/07/11 - 8:45am

No, no, no, no….

They were utterly naff back then and they’re still utterly naff now.

Bob - 07/07/11 - 12:36pm

WOW – we need a photo of someone wearing these to post on poorlydressed.failblog.org.

Maybe Dexy’s Midnight Runners will want them to tour in.

HW Jeff - 07/07/11 - 2:35pm

I can’t get my credit card out fast enough….

CJ - 07/07/11 - 3:18pm


Robin - 07/07/11 - 3:41pm

Those bibs in pink faux-denim and yellow faux-denim would be perfect mandatory kit for GC leaders in Le Tour and the Giro.

Nick Burklow - 07/07/11 - 3:48pm

So with these bibs, you would need to a) were the jersey under the should straps, and b) chew on a piece of straw while riding.

Next up, Osh Kosh Bgosh cycling apparel for the young ones.

Joshua Murdock - 07/07/11 - 11:48pm

Has Mario Cipollini seen these yet?

gringo - 07/08/11 - 3:24am

Nice how the faux -fly is offset and curved in order to make your package look giganitc.

Chuck - 07/08/11 - 12:37pm

Good eye there, gringo. That feature pretty much guarantees visually tragic polterwang for any women that wear them.

Tony29 - 07/10/11 - 5:56am

I’ve been wearing mine all day…!

Vogy - 07/11/11 - 9:45am

Only buying them if the fly works

Ron - 08/25/11 - 2:54pm

WOW, considering I observe a Zero Denim Rule, but I do spend a few hours a day in Lycra, I think these are awesome. Going to have to pick some up for sure.

I’d like to see the worker’s hogwasher bib bibs that Le Professeur wore in the mid-80s brought back as well. Those kits were breathtaking!

Jane - 06/28/12 - 12:29am

hahaha! this is the best laugh I’ve had all week and with functional pockets, what more could one ask for?

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