Fox Racing Truck and Trailer Found!

Yes the truck and trailer were found, but it’s not all good news. After a Pinkbike reader saw their article and spotted the truck and trailer in Montreal, they immediately alerted the police. Once on the scene, the police confiscated and towed the rig back to put it in Fox’s hands. After receiving the trailer, they found that, “the thieves cut a hole in the side wall, came inside, cut out the back door locks and removed everything bike and suspension related. They knew what they were after as they even took our shim tuning kits and left other valuables around them. They weren’t able to get into our tools as we had a second lock on those,” as Mark Fitzsimmons told Pinkbike.

So be on the lookout for bootleg Fox gear or any deals on suspension parts that are too good to be true! At least Fox got their truck and tools back, and hopefully the thieves will be caught.


h2ofuel - 07/04/11 - 6:41pm

This post was open when my laptop was stolen, too bad I can’t report that it has been found as well.

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