First Look! 2012 Kona Satori 29er – 130mm Travel Big Wheel Mountain Bike

2012 Kona Satori 29er 130mm long travel freeride mountain bike

Well, this one’s certainly not lining up for the Tour de France, but chances are it’ll be hiding in plain sight (we’re hoping anyway) at Crankworx.

Kona’s new Satori 29er is a 130mm long travel mountain bike that came from their U.S. riders’ wishlist. Built using the latest standards (tapered HT, 12×142 rear axle) and a new version of their 4-bar linkage. Rather than use the very Ellsworth-looking Walking Beam like many of their other full sussers, the Satori uses a new Swing Link design that gives it a lower standover height while retaining a large degree of rider tunability.

Swing past the “more” link for the scoop…

2012 Kona Satori 29er 130mm long travel freeride mountain bike

The frame definitely looks pretty svelte for a big travel, big wheeled bike, but Kona says it’s stiff enough for aggressive riding. The idea, according to their blog, was to create something that could provide plush suspension over big stuff while being nimble in the tight, technical terrain. Putting 130mm of travel on a 29er no doubt covers the plush part of the equation, so they gave it shorter chainstays, 12×142 rear axle and a 20mm thru-axle fork keep things tight.

2012 Kona Satori 29er 130mm long travel freeride mountain bike 2012 Kona Satori 29er 130mm long travel freeride mountain bike

Geometry-wise, it has a fairly slack 73º 68º head angle and a suspension set up designed to crush anything in its path. From their blog:

The frame is made using 6061 shaped aluminum for a light, strong, super stiff frameset. The bike uses a 142×12 rear axle and a 20mm front fork thru axle, both using a Maxle QR. The front fork is a Rock Shox Revelation 29er RLT with tapered steertube, while the rear shock is a Fox Float RP2 XV, which features an extra volume chamber to reduce ramp-up and retain plush, consistent suspension characteristics through the entire stroke.

The Satori comes with wide 710mm bars, an Easton Vice 29 wheelset, Maxxis Ardent tires (2.4 front, 2.25 rear) and a SRAM X7/X9 drivetrain. The prototype you see in these photos weighs in at 27.5 pounds. The 2012 production model will probably weigh in at 28.5 to 29 pounds. The Satori will be available at a Kona dealer near you Fall 2011.

Our guess is the heavier anticipated production weight means it won’t have an XX drivetrain on the showroom floor, likely as a cost concession. In typical Kona fashion, the name has meaning: Satori, in Zen Buddhist tradition, means individual enlightenment and is considered a first step toward nirvana.

2012 Kona Satori 29er 130mm long travel freeride mountain bike 2012 Kona Satori 29er 130mm long travel freeride mountain bike

Thanks to Ezra for the tip!


Me - 06/29/11 - 3:47pm

I don’t think 73 degree head angle is correct.

Anrual - 06/29/11 - 3:49pm

Cannondale Rize in 29″???

Tyler - 06/29/11 - 4:00pm

73º head angle is not slack!?!?!?

Shakey - 06/29/11 - 4:05pm

…. you MUST start at a 73 degree head angle BEFORE you can reach enlightenment.

Brian - 06/29/11 - 5:03pm

This is a pretty wicked looking beasty. Seen it in the raw, looks like a LOT of fun… least the rider sure liked it a lot…..

Mexican - 06/29/11 - 10:57pm

difference between Cannondale rize and Kona Satori:

Kona actually delivers bikes on time

Josep Barberà - 06/30/11 - 5:55am

The same bike than Cannondale rize…

tajiri - 06/30/11 - 10:16am

like a rocky mountain elemnt 29er proto..but with robust rear stays

Greg - 06/30/11 - 1:38pm

That’s a pretty rad looking bike. It looks really low to have 130mm of travel!

Colin - 06/30/11 - 4:55pm

its a 68 degree head tube angle.

binny bin - 06/30/11 - 5:39pm

is it just me or does this bike look a lot like this brand new bike ?

i like both companies a lot; but just curious what you guys think if there was a head to hear comparrison—which bike would you like more: The Kona Satori 29’r or the Bandit 29’r from Transition Bikes?


cow - 03/11/12 - 4:07am

kona has better specs.

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