Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Colorado Front Range Riding

Photo submitted by Craig R. Coelho of Green Mountain State Park.

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lqdedison - 06/26/11 - 8:57am

Fantastic shot. Looking at that photo makes me miss some good mountain biking.

topmounter - 06/26/11 - 2:36pm

I live on the front-range and I’ve never heard of a Colorado State Park called “Green Mountain”… where is it?

Obsesso - 06/26/11 - 5:25pm

Green Mountain is in Lakewood, east of I-470. It’s not as remote appearing as that great pic, it’s surrounded by burbs and highway, but it’s so nice to have it close to the city!

topmounter - 06/26/11 - 7:58pm

I’m guessing that is Elk Trail at Golden Gate State Park.

topmounter - 06/26/11 - 8:01pm

Hayden/Green Mountain isn’t a State Park and that view doesn’t look familiar, but I usually only ride there at night.

Joshua Murdock - 06/27/11 - 12:21pm

I feel like this could be at Green Mountain… the camera must have positioned so that all of the highways and development between Green Mountain Open Space and the Front Range is hidden. That kind of looks like Mt. Falcon or Mt. Morrison in the background.

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