New Fox SKF Fork Seals Now Available, Plus Shop Installation Tools


Debuted at Sea Otter, Fox Racing Shox’s new Low Friction Seals are now available aftermarket for $25 to $35 depending on size, and they’re available for 32, 34, 36 and 40 series forks.

To install them, Fox recommends using their new installation tools, which are priced at $35 each or $140 for the kit containing one for each size. We’ve got a set on order for a tech post, look for an update later this summer. Fox says demand is far outpacing supply, so get your order in now.

For those that wondered why the air can on their Kashima RP23 shocks was coated, we’ve got a photo explanation after the break…


When coating a piece with Kashima, the entire part has to be coated, which is why the outside is coated. Inside, the main seal (Quad Seal plus glide ring) slides on the inside of the can, so the smoother they can make it, the better.


Bog - 06/23/11 - 3:10pm

Pretty sure those seals are made by SKF and SKS. SKF makes high quality seals and bearings for many industries.

Sergio - 08/11/11 - 10:54am

where I can purchase SKF FORK SEALS NEW FOX?

enduroelite - 02/09/12 - 12:29pm

I dont understand, why kashima coat no moving, isolated from moving parts components?

ZachOverholt - 02/09/12 - 4:35pm

The Kashima Coat on the inside of the Airsleeve helps the seals as it is smoother and therefore increases surface area for the seal. You can’t just Kashima Coat the inside of the airsleeve as it’s part of a coating process, so the whole sleeve has to be coated.

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