KCNC Debuts 2×10 Chain Catchers, Machined Seatmast Clamps

KCNC 2x10 machined alloy chain catchers for mountain bike drivetrains

KCNC has a couple gorgeous new components for both road and mountain bikes. The first, their new 2×10 chain catcher, comes in six colors and will retail for £23.99. Here’s their blurb:

The latest drivetrain trend is 2×9 and 2×10 cranks – and with this is the increased chance of dropping the chain off the smallest ring (no granny ring to catch it) so KCNC have made a chain catcher.  These first designs are for 28T – 30T inner rings.  They fit behind the driveside BB cup and have lateral chainline adjustment and can be rotated about the BB for perfect front mech fit.  Suitable for KCNC and Shimano cranks.  6 anodised colours, first few in red, black or gold.

Jump past to see the other colors and the new ISP seatmast clamps…

KCNC 2x10 machined alloy chain catchers for mountain bike drivetrains

KCNC 2x10 machined alloy chain catchers for mountain bike drivetrains

KCNC integrated seatmast seatpost clamps

Their new ISP Seat Clamps come in four iterations, inline (above) and setback (below) with either 50mm or 100mm heights. They use titanium hardware all around, are machined from 7075 alloy and are available in anodized gold, red and black. They’re designed for 34.9mm OD posts only. MSRP £84.99 to £91.99.

KCNC integrated seatmast seatpost clamps


Rob Vereijken - 06/20/11 - 12:07pm

Any idea when they are coming with chain catchers that are suitable for SRAM?

John - 06/20/11 - 7:48pm

The ones pictured are suitable for SRAM GXP cranksets. They won’t work with any BB30 cranksets including SRAM’s.

Michael - 06/21/11 - 4:08am

Who is the best online retailer for KCNC and do they have the new chain catchers in stock?

Tom - 06/21/11 - 9:46am

Anything KCNC I’ve ever bought I’ve ordered direct from Chinese sellers on Ebay and I’ve had great experiences and great prices.

jaas - 06/21/11 - 4:47pm

could have used one of these at Cat’s Hill….just saying

Erich - 06/21/11 - 5:31pm

I’ve been getting KCNC stuff through Fairwheel Bikes. I don’t see the chain catchers on their website yet, but it might be worth a call, as I know they have the new seatmast clamps in, which are not on their site yet either.

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