Spy Shot! Pronghorn 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

prototype 2012 Pronghorn 29er full suspension mountain bike spy shot photo

Sent over from Jason of the Columbia-Bikefood team, which is sponsored by Pronghorn, this 29er full suspension takes the unique top-mounted shock design of the UK company and puts some big wheels underneath. More as we get it.


c_g - 06/06/11 - 10:30am

not really sure how much of spy shot news that is. The exact same pic has been shown here more than a year ago!!

Castor/Pollux - 06/06/11 - 1:09pm

OK, let’s start from the beginning:

– Pronghorn Racing is a DANISH company
– This picture is exactly 3 years old
– It was taken in Italy even before Pronghorn went to bankruptcy (and later rebirth)

Jason - 06/06/11 - 2:34pm

The Brand is Danish as you say and the team is in the UK….

The 29er is going to be a production model this year with some lucky person getting one for free….

While your right this picture is old, we will have more very soon, we are a team getting behind the brand and helping promote these excellent brand…

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