Retro Gary Fisher Cake Mountain Bike Video Propaganda


topmounter - 05/31/11 - 6:18pm

It really is sad to see Gary Fisher finally go the way of Klein and Bontrager.

oilcanracer - 05/31/11 - 11:05pm

april fools again?????

myt - 05/31/11 - 11:47pm

Fisher Cake 3_Dlx rocks.

Sean - 06/01/11 - 1:27pm

I hope Trek didn’t pay too much for this production. What a snooze. I like the close up shot of the V-brakes, and the short tennis shorts on the rider, and the psychotic music… Blech, everything about this video sucks.

Chunky - 06/01/11 - 4:29pm

They were good at cracking….

chris - 06/02/11 - 1:26am

yeah, what the hell was up with those v-brakes?!

julien - 06/02/11 - 8:14pm

gay fisher

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