Full Speed Ahead Road – New Carbon Wheels, Chain Design

2012 FSA Full Speed Ahead T42 carbon alloy road wheels and full carbon tubular

Next to the new mountain bike and TT/Triathlon/Cyclocross parts, FSA had some new carbon road wheels and a redesigned chain to go with their forthcoming Metron road group.

Shown above are the new T42 carbon/alloy wheels and TC42 carbon tubular, all of which get a new wider 23mm rim that FSA says adds strength without adding weight. The T42 is new wheel that’s half way between a full aero wheel and road wheel that has a carbon rim shell with a thin aluminum brake track and rim.

Their existing SL-K Wheels also get a wider 23mm rim like the T24 to better match current tire profiles. It’s 1480g with 50mm deep rim. The Team Issue wheels have house-made hubs that they say are super smooth and a similar carbon rim shell with an alloy brake track. 1400g.

Check out more, plus their new Metron chain, after the break…

2012 FSA Full Speed Ahead TC42 carbon tubular road wheels

The new TC42 is a carbon tubular that’s 1250g with a 23mm wide rim that’s molded in house.

2012 FSA Full Speed Ahead T42 carbon alloy road wheels

The TC42 and SL-K wheels use a carbon shell to give it an aero profile and stiffen it up, but use reliable alloy rims and braking surfaces.

2012 FSA Full Speed Ahead T42 carbon alloy road wheels hubs are machined in house 2012 FSA Full Speed Ahead T42 carbon alloy road wheels hubs are machined in house

New high-end hubs for their Vision and SL-K lines are being machined in house, from axle to free hub.

Their new chains have a sharp chamfer in the side plates to better engage the teeth for quick shifting. They tested elongation against two other brand chains and claim they both showed almost twice as much stretch as FSA’s.


Ronald - 05/12/11 - 8:55am

Sooo, FSA is taking a KMC chain and having their name stamped on it? Awesome! Now they’ll have a chain that matches the quality of their cranks…weak!

Jimmy - 05/12/11 - 6:39pm

Ronald- What makes you think its a kmc chain? FSA is a big enough company to be putting in some serious R&D into making a good chain.

RC - 05/12/11 - 9:08pm

It looks nothing like a KMC chain. More like a Shimano…. :,)

greg - 05/12/11 - 10:44pm

i dont see why the rear hub has the left spokes so far inboard, especially considering they are running two right spokes for every left,

wannabesti - 05/13/11 - 5:54am

Maybe because even Shimano and SRAM have KMC make some, if not all, of their chains?

Skronglite - 05/13/11 - 10:28pm

I heard that wipperman was making kmc chains for sachs, but only campanola was allowed to make shimano’s chains…

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