Video: Hoffman Bikes’ Shane Weston In Action


anon - 04/23/11 - 10:13pm

Useless, unless he wears a helmet.

ohioguy - 04/24/11 - 11:14am

Maybe he’s not wearing a helmet because he’s afraid he would be able to do something interesting and impressive. All I saw was a few tricks over and over and over.

yesplease - 04/24/11 - 2:18pm

bunch of not even hasbeen dudes giving comments, post yourself doing even a mediocre trick and then you can talk like you know.

Joshua Murdock - 04/24/11 - 5:40pm

I honestly liked it. Sure, he doesn’t wear a helmet and, although I am an outspoken proponent of helmets, this is one case where I think it’s simply rider choice. Helmets are a big issue when riding around traffic or other people/vehicle. A helmet can be the difference between a driver injuring a cyclist or killing a cyclist. In this situation, he is riding in an essentially closed area; it’s simply his right to exercise poor judgement.

But, back to the video… I really enjoyed it. I was really entertained and impressed by the fluidity of the riding.

Brandon - 04/24/11 - 6:21pm

I’m not super familiar with BMX riding like this, so I’m curious: how does he roll backward without backpedaling?

syadasti - 04/24/11 - 10:46pm

A bit more interesting BMX vimeo:

Tiles - 04/25/11 - 11:51am


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