Spotted! Prototype Raleigh Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike

2012 Raleigh Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike Prototype

Raleigh’s marketing man, Brian, in a hushed voice, said “hey, stop by the Diamond Back booth, I have something to show you.”

Problem is, he didn’t say he was only there for that day and, Sea Otter being what it is, I didn’t get by until the last day only to find out he was long gone and the “something” was gone with him. Fortunately, he’s pretty good about email and not to bad with a camera, and now we have photos and info. That “something” turns out to be a prototype full carbon cyclocross bike that takes the singlespeed SSCX frame and made it shifty. More pics and details after the break…

From Brian:

The specifics…this is the prototype.  So we took the carbon SS CX frame from last season and fixed a der hanger on it along with some cable stops. Currently we have it weighing in at 1150g (57cm). We are using our Direct Connect technology on this to optimize the strength to weight to stiffness on each frame (in DC each tube is molded  uniquely so we can match strengh/stiffness/ride characteristics across the size spectrum. Each tube is then “carbon welded” at the joints). It is BB30. The head tube is not tapered.

The top end bike will come with an Enve fork as shown.  Along with a Rival/Force groupo…wheels…we’re trying to do something special with wheels and keep the price within grasp of aspiring cross racers.  Overall weight should be below 17lbs and “affordable” for carbon…think less than $3500.

2012 Raleigh Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike Prototype

2012 Raleigh Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike Prototype

Brian said it won’t have disc brake tabs for 2012 and that until there’s more product support for disc brakes on road/cross bikes, they’ll hold off on putting them on their race-level frames. From the looks of it, this’ll be ready to go for the coming ‘cross season.

2012 Raleigh Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike Prototype


Stevil - 04/25/11 - 6:06pm

I liked it better when it was a Fuji.

Sally - 04/25/11 - 7:07pm

Don’t make me reach through the internet and slap the taste out of your mouth Stevil.

Stevil - 04/26/11 - 8:56am

Mmmmm.. The taste of Fuji….

Ry@n - 06/19/11 - 9:45am

I Really like the bike…anyone know what type of tires are on it?

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