Sun-Ringle Debuts A.D.D. Tubeless Downhill Mountain Bike Wheelset w/ Stan’s Rims

2012 sun ringle a.d.d. tubeless downhill mountain bike wheels with stan's notubes rims

Like the completely revised Black Flag wheels (we reviewed them here), Sun-Ringle’s new A.D.D. tubeless downhill wheels license Stan’s NoTubes rim technology for quick, easy tubeless tire seating.

While the license limits them to using the rim tech on complete wheels only, Sun-Ringle took the overall rim design a step further by adding eyelets at the spoke nipple holes to allow them to run higher tension and build up a stronger, more durable rim and wheel.

Full specs and photos after the break…

2012 sun ringle a.d.d. tubeless downhill mountain bike wheels with stan's notubes rims

The A.D.D. Pro wheelset is built on Jumping Flea-like hubs with direct pull spokes that are only available on this wheel set. Quick specs are:

  • 1995g / set
  • 12×150 or 12×135 rear
  • 20mm and 15mm frot adaptable hub
  • Rim width 30mm
  • Expert series will be available, too, with a heavier hub but same Stan’s rim.
  • 28 spoke front and rear
  • Wheelsmith DB spokes
  • $649 Pro / $499 Expert
  • Available in July
  • 1 year Mfr’s defects warranty

2012 sun ringle a.d.d. tubeless downhill mountain bike wheels with stan's notubes rims 2012 sun ringle a.d.d. tubeless downhill mountain bike wheels with stan's notubes rims

I also learned that Hayes Bicycle Group (they own Sun-Ringle) manufactures these in their Chinese factory, and they make Stan’s rims, too.

For a component that’s meant to take some serious abuse and is often replaced or completely rebuilt once or more per season, these look to be pretty solid and, at just $650/set, a steal. In fact, most of Sun-Ringle’s wheelsets are extremely competitively priced and tough to beat on weight and quality for the money.


Stu - 04/20/11 - 6:41pm

Let me see if I get this right. As mentioned above, you can only buy these as a wheel set. And as mentioned above, you can not just buy the rims alone. Aaaaand as also mentioned above, downhillers usually re-lace their wheels with new hoops because they sometimes only last one run. And, and, and as mentioned above, they are 28 holes (unlike any other other DH rim that are 32 or 36) so forget about finding another downhill worthy rim to replace it with. So what Im seeing is that no downhiller would actually want these downhill wheels. They are at an impressive price point but not quite at a disposable price point.

Johnny Chicken Bones - 04/20/11 - 7:32pm

You’re over thinking this.
Most down hillers are the usual pre-Madonna’s (I’ve no idea if I’m using that correctly) who will drive to the ski lifts in their Mom’s hand me down Subaru/Volvo. The lead sled that is under their low riding pants (w/ requisite studded belt and untied puffy hipster slippers) is used mostly as a reason to justify their new tattoo and adorable addiction to an energy drink named after colon cancer.

The folks out there really going for it, really hucking their meat will scoff these wheels like an Angry Unicorn at a Dolphin party. They will run whatever rolls and will always be going further, faster, and with more grace.
JCBones Ouwt

dh rider and a seriouse cyclist - 05/05/11 - 12:20am

you can re-order the rims for the wheels just as you can for the charges which are used by many 4x racers. and you two should both just shut your mouths about downhillers cause xc riders and all mountain riders and road riders all have something to be made fun of. and as a racer i would run this product for its tubeless ability and price point and sun ringle is usually good about about making replacement rims reasonable (and yes you can get them even though they are not advertised) thanks for your time and try to get your spandex out of your ass before you start blabing your mouths.

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