SRAM Shows New Classic Silver X0, Additional 2×10 Gearing Ranges, Derailleur Sizes

sram x0 classic silver component group color

In addition to the new white color for their Apex road group, SRAM unveiled a new X0 Classic Silver option. It’s a new highly polished silver finish on all exterior alloy parts, and it’s available on all current configurations of X0. Existing color options are also still available.

Next up, making a change from their well-hyped 3:2 gear ratios introduced with XX and carried across their 2×10 groups, there will be new gear options at X0, X9 and X7 levels. Two new ratios for front chainrings, 24/38 and 22/36, will be available stock with revised spiders to accommodate the new gearing. They’ll also be available aftermarket as ring and spider sets that can be put on existing crank arms. Product manager Chris Hilton says they wanted to focus on both shift performance (3:2) and having the right gear range for a wider range of bikes, particularly 29ers. From our experience, this is a good move to offer a lower gearing for climbing but larger big ring to keep it from getting maxed out too easily on the downhills.

Lastly, they’ll offer a new front derailleur with shorter cage for long travel bikes and 29ers that need extra frame clearance. Clamp stays in the same place, just the cage changes shape. More pics of the Classic Silver X0 components after the break…

sram x0 classic silver component group color

If anyone used to rock the X0 derailleur before XX came out, this will look very familiar.

sram x0 classic silver component group color

Even the brakes get the chromed treatment.

sram x0 classic silver component group color


Bryan - 04/20/11 - 9:46pm


what does that look like…….

I just cant place it…..

New Shimano XTR and XT



jeronimo - 04/20/11 - 9:53pm

Not “chromed”, polished. Still won’t look right on a classic ride.

Kovas - 04/20/11 - 10:58pm

You know what they say… paint is weight.
I salute SRAM, keepin’ it racer-real…

flech1454 - 04/21/11 - 12:31am

that would make the sram red “black” group go against that then…

as much as i like the black, i really dont like the look of it on any of the bike this year, the silver parts just looked better. Besides you cant scratch the paint off polished metal.

Gregg - 04/21/11 - 2:39am

The big problem I have with the SRAM stuff is price. The upcharge for the Red “black” is ridiculous! I have no doubt this will be any different.

shockbuster - 04/21/11 - 4:49am

Does anybody know the the release date for the ring and spider sets that can be put on existing crank arms.

RC - 04/21/11 - 12:56pm

WE need tighter ring spacing too! I want a 28-38 or 39 for my 29er

Steve - 04/21/11 - 3:03pm

They NEED to make a bash ring for those goddamn cranks.

Tyler (Editor) - 04/21/11 - 3:42pm

Steve – Actually, they do…I forgot to take a pic, thanks for the reminder. I’ll track down an image and do a separate post. It’s a collabo with MRP if memory serves.

Ben - 04/22/11 - 12:13pm

Whats to keep the chain from dropping with a 36-22 downshift?

Hawley, LLC - 04/25/11 - 12:34pm

Sram Red Black is anodizing. It weighs way less than powder coat. The new Red Black/Black Red does in fact weigh less than the original…the claims are true.

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