Ellsworth’s Prototype 180mm Freeride Bike Spotted Looking for a Name – Win It!

2012 ellsworth fr180 freeride mountain bike with 180mm travel contest name the bike and win it

Know that Ellsworth prototype freeride bike we leaked a couple weeks ago? Turns out it needs a name and came to Sea Otter hoping to find one. In fact, it’s offering its first born if you can give it the best name.

Yep, name it and claim it…enter your submission here for a chance to win one of the first frames built. Now, about the bike, it’s the first Ellsworth bike ever with an interrupted seat tube and 30.9 seat tube…meaning it’s their first bike that’ll accept the majority of dropper posts. A good thing since it’s coming ready to rip with 180mm of travel.

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The FR has a lot slacker 66º head angle and comes with the Cane Creek Angleset for another 2.5 degrees of adjustability in either direction.

It’ll have all manner of cable routing for everything from Hammerschmidt to dropper post or standard double chainring with bash guard.

It’s their first bike with a 30.9 seat tube so it can work with a drop post, and it’s their first time with an interrupted seat tube. They had to use this design because they wanted a short chainstay length but needed to accommodate their long rocker arm. It also gives it a nice slack seat angle.

It’ll have the new Shimano S-Max rear axle design that’s coming, it’s a thread-on/quick release 12×142 design that’s very similar to Shimano’s 15mm front thru axle design.

14″ BB height now, but they’ve got riders testing it in five different states. Once that feedback is in, things may change before final production. The two prototypes here show the short and long sizes that’ll be available. Frame should be around $2500, and a couple of build kits will be available, too.


Seth - 04/19/11 - 11:26pm

What about this is a prototype? Looks like any other giant linkage bike before, just with a new fork interface.

Raab - 04/19/11 - 11:39pm

Wow shimano real clever with the s-max rear axle. I feel like have heard that before. What size is that whip

Z - 04/20/11 - 7:43am

Can you get V brake mounts on that linkage? looks like they might work :)

amir - 10/11/12 - 2:27pm

looks like kona stinky just with better parts and the reat suspension is biger…

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